Friday, February 12, 2010

North Island ROADY

Hey Brah’s
I am On an Mega ROADY at the moment . It started on Monday when we (me and my mate Ramon from Switzerland )headed out of my home town Nelson and on to the ferry to Wellington to smash up the north island , as soon as we got to Welly we called into see my mate Caleb from SPOKE magazine to check out his new house/family member ,talk some shizzle and score a new T shirt. Cheers Caleb!
WE then cranked up the mighty van and headed to Taupo for a quick sk8park sesh at the kick ass park in Taupo.
After a few manuals/ airs we headed out to see my mates MORK and Paul Langlands in Cambridge . Paul has a sick set of jumps in his oldys back yard so we had a sesh on them , It was pretty windy but it was still good fun to ride with Paul and Mork.
We headed to another spot in Cambridge that was a bit more sheltered with some pretty high speed more MTB steez jumps ..hella yeah I was super stoked on them and we had a sick session until the light died off.
We went back to Mork and Pauls for a BBQ extravaganza and munched way to much food.
Wendsday it was on to Roto rua , we called in to see Matt at Wide open and checked out the Premises and got the LOW DOWN on the Roto trails.
No shuttles were running so we headed out for some XC missions, Ramon borrowed a sweet Turner Sulatan 29er from Wide Open and we went out and had a rip on the famous flowy Rotorua trails . The trails there are fun as hell , we spent the afro out there shreddin and then dropped the Turner back at wide open and had a quick Shralp on the Pump track which was primo.
After a day of pedaling it was out to dinner with the Wide open boys and then straight on to Tauranga to hopefully “hang ten” on some waves in the morning . We awoke on the beach to some pretty small waves so we went dirt jump hunting in Tauranga and found the dirtjumps at sunnyhill park which were a decent size but hadnt had any love for a while… we flagged it and headed to the big smoke of Auckland to ride/shoot pics at Woodhill park…
With all of our cell phones flat we some how managed to meet up with chris B and international trailbuilding guru /29inch freestyler/general shredder Seb Kemp in down town Auckland and got a game plan together.
The boys at Wood hill had built a big ass jump at there jump park so we went there and sessioned it.
The jumps out there are pretty fun and good for tricks , I was having a good session and loving the new boooter out there.
My mate Chris B ended up having a nasty slam and knocked himself out and broke his hand so I had to drive his truck to the hospital which put an end to our sesh which sucked but im stoked he is ok .
We stayed in AK the night and I picked up Chris from the hospital in the morn and we headed to the Beverland compound to set up banners and prep his jumps ready for his jam.
We got some lights and rode the jumps at night last night which was cool .
Right now I am about to load up the van and head to Raglan for the first stop of the coast to coast jam ….SO I gotta go!
The Mega roady will continue from here to welly , over to Nelson , Reefton park ,CHCH ,Dunedin for Stoney hills ,then Queens town ,then Farm Jam ….SO look out more post coming sooon..

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