Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revolution Cover /Backpage interveiw

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good times and bad!

Well we are just on the way to Paris from Toulouse after the Slopestyle champions league competition. The comp was cool , it was set in this “freeride compound” with mad stunts and jumps and even a set of poppy BMX trails in the trees next to the course. Pretty rad spot to take your bike. the course was pretty sweet with a stepup stup down into a monster 8 meter 1st jump and 2 more jumps ,also a sketchy pedal all the way to the top and jump Boner log . haha i.

We kicked off the weekend with a dirt jump jam on the dirt jump line , it was a bit windy so it was pretty chill, then it was on to the SS course to test it out. Everything worked pretty well except the boner log. Oh and the 1st guy to hit the 8 meter 1st jump sent it to flat on his face! Owch . turns out you needed to brake a little!! We had quail runs and I had clean runs so it was all good
On Sunday it was finals time and the sun was shining and there was jack all wind ..air guitars all round! All the riders sessioned the bmx trails while it was bloody hot which was sweet . after that it was finals time on the slopestyle course every one was gettin pretty Gnar .one gut double fipped tyhe 1st jump which was so crazey as the landing was ROCK. My run was solid except for I hung up on the last jump GRRRRRR! . I cant find the results to the comp yet so i will keep looking
The weekend turned for the worst when our car got broken into and my passport/wallet/phone /GPS/clothes/ vid camera/laptop etc ect got stolen! I was super bummed but I was glad they didn’t steal my bikes! We had to head to Paris to get me a Emergency Passport. Which is where i am right now!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

riding in France!

hey bros
have had a premium week of shreddin. I stayed in Antibes at my couzins place for a few days, and rode this "mega ramp" set up down the road, they just finished building it when we got there and we (me and Yannick granieri) had to guinea pig the ramp. it was set at about 10 metres and it sucked as there was not enough speed from the roll in to make the distance . the vert quarter was so sick tho! I session that thing hard..
Then we had to head out to a comp in toulouse, the best thig about it was Peynier trails were on the way. They are some of the best jumps I have ridden . massive 8 and 9 metre gaps and they all work SO well . we had a sick session there until we had to drive to toulouse, which is where I am NOW for Slopestyle Champions League!
goooooood times
more stuff commin sooooon

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi guys
I'm in France at the moment , I went to the FISE comp last weekend in Montpellier , we showed up on thursday and the course looked pretty sweet , basically the same as last year with a few bit s and peices changed up. generally pretty sweet . Over 60 pro riders registered for the comp so it was sure to be tough .  
I practised up thurs/fri and had everything on course dailed so I was happy .
We woke up on saturday morning and it was BLOWWING its ass off , gutted as the wind was coming accross the course at 90 degrees making the bridge drop super sketchy .  No one was keen to ride so after a lot of pissing about they decided to run Qual and finals on sunday . Qual at 9am.

On sunday I dragged my ass out of bed early to go ride my bike off a bridge . when I showed up the wind was pretty chill , we practised for an hour and then started the Quali runs , (9am) about 10 riders did their runs , I had 3 riders left until my run then the wind just started ! really strong , and the rest of the riders just walked off and said it was to dangerous to ride. I didn't know what to do so I just took my run in between gusts and had a clean run.  It didn't count for anything tho , the comp got called off untill 1pm , and the course was butchered to make it safe ( 1st bridge drop cut out / road gap kicker made to flat drop)

Every one was OVER IT!  I normally try to stay positive but I was pretty over it too. 
I was trying to practice in the wind and ended up getting blowin off course and I landed in a hole they dug the landing out of! I got so smashed. I thought the weekend was over for me . a few painkillers later I was back on the bike.   I made the final and rode the comp , I was pretty dam sore but Im stoked I rode ,

All up FISE wasnt as good as last year but that was only due to the weather.
Now I am hangin in Antibes and doing some riding on this MEGA Ramp setup which is pretty cool it has a Massive vert quater at the end and Its hella fun!
Im off to ride it now and shoot some pics

here's a write up on Pinkbike from FISE:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Corsair bikes

ODI MCGAZZA grips hell yeah!!

Hey Bros .
I FINALLY got my Corsair Crown Downhill bike built up while I was in Italy to complete my Corsair trilogy ! Crown /Konig/Ducat
I hav only ridden it a few times but it is SIIIIICK! I sent a road gap on it and it seems to fly perfectly!
I kitted it with some sweeeeet parts including:

2010 Marzocchi 888 forks
Rocco rear shock
2010 anodized green Hope V2 brakes (braided lines)
Gravity :Stem/bar/Hset/chainguide/cranks/BB/Pedals
ODI grips (ruffian lock on)
Sram X9 deraileur/shifter/dh cluster
Atomlab pimp wheelset
SDG i beam post and seat
Im looking forward to shredding this bike on the rest of my Euro Tour and also back in Canada
OK I'm going riding!!

Italy King Of Dirt

After Nimis we headed to Lake Garda for the Italy King of dirt and and Night sprint 4x race. The events are set up at a bike trade show in Rive dal garda , so there are plenty of bike enthusiast’s floating around . I got in on the Thursday and hooked into some practice on the dirt jumps . they were simple as , and pretty fun. All the Events were the next day , I was rode pretty good in Dirt Quali and made the 10man final so I was stoked. I also qualified for the night sprint 4x aswell .All the events were under lights with a pretty decent crowd looking on . I nearly missed my first 4x heat because I couldn’t understand the announcer blurbing german over the mic . haha got there just in time. I raced a few heats and did some Gnarly overtaking manoeuvres and made the semi finals . haha I didn’t even expect to make the first heat! My semi race was pretty stacked with Rob J, Bear claw and the guy who won last year and me in the outside gate.I managed to get third on the heels of rob J . The Night sprint race was so fun and Im really pumped I raced!

Dirt final kicked of immediately after so I cut the numberplate of my Ducat and headed to the jumps . the lighting on the jumps wasn’t the best! I had a clean first run and got to loose on my 2nd and third runs , I ran out of landing barrel rolling the the last jump and ate it pretty hard . I got 9th overall in end .
It was so cool to have all the riding done on the Friday night , the next couple of days we just cruised around the trade show and I went for a ride with the Marzocchi crew on a 28 km DH run which was SICK.I got the last of the parts I needed to build up my Corsair Crown DH bike and it is HELLA TRICK! We also had a great night at the trade show party on sat night. All the booths put on free beer and food and everyone goes nuts! Sha and I had a go on the mechanical bull , Sha was actually pretty good ( better than me) So if you are in Italy when the Riva trade show is on I say GO THERE!