Thursday, December 29, 2011

Down On The Farm.

Me and the boys went for a trip down to the Frew Farm for a couple days to DIG AND ROAST Trails!
it was windy as hell for the first day so we dug some new bits and pieces on the hip line .
The Boys!+ Pixie and a dead bird

Sunset at the Hut!!! Epic!

We Stayed up in the Frews Hut up in the native bush on the farm, it was rad , we cracked a few beers and spun some yarns and got away from it all!
 2012 Unit Farm Jam is shaping up to be rowdy!! with some new jumps and events to pump you up !  Get there this year ...its gonna be OFF THE CHIZZY!!!

Diamondback Assault DJ destroyer

Mcgazza flight 69 ready for takeoff! 
 I just put together my New Diamondback Assault Dirt jump WEAPON!  Im so stoked its hella trick and heaps light bru!

Im running:

Frame:Diamondback Assault
Fork: Marzocchi 4x
Wheelset: Atomlab Pimplite
Tyres: Tioga Power block
Brake: Hope X2 team
H/bar: Gravity light 800mm
Stem:  Gravity light 45mm
Crank:Gravity light 7050
Pedals:Gravity light

Seat/Post: SDG Ibeam/Patriot
Grips:ODI ruffian lock on

Maiden shred at the Frew farm  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fast Fokus demo reel

FASTFOKUS Demo Reel 2011 from FASTFOKUS on Vimeo.

Earlier in the year these frenchies came over to NZ and filmed an episode in NZ,  they put together a 2011 demo reel with footage from all the episodes they filmed around the world...check it out . it was alot of fun to film with these french frogs !hahahha Cheers guys!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Epic day in QT!

Boxing day in QT was another perla of a day , Way to hot to ride so we headed to the lake for some boat action!
We thrashed the surf board behind fozzys boat which was a bit of a bloody hoot.
The Crew chillin at the beach

Wild man Walder and B Frew scopeing the swell!
Its pretty tough to beat summer time QT!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning mission

Just inacase I had forgotten what pain felt like ....I hauled my ass out of bed at 345am  and pushed my bike up to the Ben Lomond saddle with about 20 mates to check out the sun rise and more importantly rip back down the track, even though I nearly coughed up my heart on the way up it was a hellova good time .
Cheers to the QT crew for organising it and merry F**KIN XMAS
Sun rise Xmas morn in the land of the long white cloud

Diamondback Scapegoat fired on all cylinders!

The crew at the saddle

Friday, December 23, 2011

Diaries DOWN UNDER!!!!

Diaries Downunder Episode 1 from Syrp on Vimeo.

HElls yah , hung out with the Diaries down under boys the other day and they put together this clip of Queenstown shenanigans . Hellls yeah it good times FO SHO!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thats right folks Im on TEVA NZ!!!


Posted by Caleb Smith on Tuesday December 20 2011
It’s been a huge year for Teva after unveiling the new Links MTB shoe. Designed by freeride legend, Jeff Lenosky, these are the most functional and best looking MTB shoe on the market and have had loose lips sinking ships all over the world.
A few months ago we thought it was only prudent to send a couple of pairs to local New Zealand legend Kelly McGarry for testing and approval just to make sure that they would stand up to some proper freeride bashing by a Kiwi. The feedback we got was that they are most definitely “sweet as”. Which, if you’re not familiar with Kiwi slang, translates into a three thumbs-up endorsement – we’re not big on hyperbole down under.
From there it was only a matter of putting two and two together and when we approached Kelly to make things a wee bit more formal it was a no brainer for him.
“I’m stoked to be on board with Teva for 2012. The shoes are rad and work really well when I’m on my bike. I’m also excited about some of the new products they have in the pipe line for next year!”
We’re stoked too. Kelly is a living embodiment of our “Living Better Stories” motto, with an energy and enthusiasm for getting out and amongst it that would make Bear Grylls need a lie down.

Dane Searls Giants of dirt 3

Check this out ...Dane Searls ripping thru the biggest dirt jumps ever made.
RIP Dane , Shred on Bro.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out side sports pump track party!

Ride Queenstown Monster Pump Track Party from Jon Bokrantz on Vimeo.

Haha check out this little vid the boys made from the Pump track party , hahahaaa it was alot of fun to make! I got sprayed with alot of beer while trying to ride!! go check it out the track is cool fun!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011