Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sup peeps
A sick day was had yesterday , the 1st half was a DH extravagaaanza up at Ben Nevis ....there are some primo tracks up there now! and with some morning rain everything was running SWEEEEET. we just cut laps for most of the day and sent a few hucks .
After I was all DH'ed out it was time to step aboard the MOTO . My mate Matt has a cool moto track and we headed out there for some brrrrarp.
it had been a while since I rode moto but at the end of the session I was feeling it again.
I had a spin on Matts KX 500 and WHOOA that thing hauls ass! it was a handfull and I struggled to keep the front wheel down.
Moto is the SHIZZLE

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my bikes.

Hey guys I just finished getting all my bikes rolling after my migration back from Canada where I had to leave a few parts to get my luggage under weight! 3 bikes is a bit more luggage than the average traveler!
I Just had a sweet weekend of riding /building jumps , On saturday I went over Takaka way and slayed a few cool tracks on my new DHR a few lads have been building some good tracks over there and the DHR was eating all I could feed it.!
On sunday I woke up early and got my 5spot out and rode/pushed to the top of the 629 track in Nelson , thats 629 meters above sea level, so i lost some GRAVY but made it to the top and ripped down thru the native and pine smashing berms/jumps and north shore all the way to the bottom ,a Super fun trail. Next on sundays riding menu was a some DH on the KAKA hill Nationals track . That track is rough as hell! a few flat tyres later , it was off to my New jump park I have been building to slap a few lips and have a quick ride . I have just one more line to tune in and it will be all go out there. Look out for the opening day JAM we are planning .
Just Another sick weekend in Nelson!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

NElson NZ

Well I am back in my home town of Nelson New Zealand and its been great so far , I have been super busy Riding my bike , catching up with my friends ,Building my Dads house and also building a Jump park for my home town.
Its has been really good to get out of the snow and cold of Whistler and get back on my bike. I have built up a new Turner DHR over the last week and been taking it for a shred this weekend , it rides really nice and I am starting to feel at home on it.
Right I have some digging to do , jump park pics coming soon.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

NZ Summer!!

Hey Guys,
I have just finished jamming 3 bikes into 2 bags along with all my other stuff and about to leave snowy Whistler and head to sunny New Zealand! Let's hope Air New Zealand aren't too harsh on the luggage allowance.

It's been all good hangin in Whistler for autumn, I even claimed some powder and made some cash to pay my credit card off.

I am really looking forward to all the cool events and riding in NZ - the Frew Farm Jam, Stoney Hills Trail Jam, Gorge Road Jams, and probably a couple of rounds of the NZ National DH races.

My first project when I walk off the plane is to build some dirt jumps in my hometown of Nelson.. it's all ready to go, just heard that 20 truckloads of clay have been dumped at the site and they are awaiting my shovel!

Thanks to all my northern hemi crew for the help this season, see you all next year!
Cheers, Kelly McGarry

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Gravity pedals

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me giving YOU the low down on the new Gravity pedals!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crankworx run number 1

I found this footage of my crank worx run on the 'aint a big deal' site. my 2nd run was cleaner but they missed the start of the filming.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NZ comps to look forward to..

This is gonna be sick!! Followed by the Farm Jam in Southland on March 6th it's gonna be an action packed few weeks. This would be the perfect opportunity if there are any overseas riders keen to check out NZ and ride in some comps! I am looking forward to getting home for another epic summer of riding in New Zealand...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Summer Of Shred New Zealand

Here is the SOS New Zealand trip.. It was great to have the crew down under and we got some shredding done...
watching it it stokes me up to head home!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey Bros

My good mate Timo Pritzel put a post about my Europe trip on his ATMOSFAIR web site

And while you are there Check out some of the other Radical stuff he has on his site Like the ANTI days of thunder Teaser video (look for me eating it) and the Nike 6.0 tunnel jam ( sick BMX park comp set up in a tunnel)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi guys

I just got back from Interbike Las vegas, I am pretty tired after walking an estimated 322 kilometers around the show and Las vegas streets ! maybe not 322 km but it feels like it!

First up I headed out to the out door demo to take some bikes for a spin it the desert, it was pretty hot and dry on the trails , So Ijust did a few laps on the dirt jumps which was fun. The following 3 day I spent at the indoor show at the Venetion hotel. it was a great setup and I enjoyed catching up with mates and people I havent seen for a while and also checking out some new products for 2010.

I like Vegas but I am stoked to be back in Whistler away from the busy city and heat!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Bull Exodus

Red Bull EXODUS has been and gone now , and what an AWSOME event it was ,
Qualifying was on Friday and consisted of a timed run down the Garbanzo DH course, I had a bit of a stack in my QF run but still managed to Qualify 25th which put me in the 3rd row back in the starting grid from the Whistler peak.
On Saturday morning I awoke to pouring rain and I knew the race would be interesting!
I put my thermals and body armour on and headed for the peak with the other 150 or so contestants! When we reached the peak it was pouring rain and flippin cold so I tried to stay dry while they lined every one up.
My position in the grid was pretty good I was in the middle of the road which as I found out later would be a big advantage at the start.
The boys a Red Bull sounded the shot gun and the race was under way! there was a weird silence as we all took off the only thing to be heard was pouring rain and wheels on the gravel.
My middle of the road position was awsome as I watched riders on the out side get pushed into the rock walls and loose rocks I looked around and I was in the top ten , I knew there was a small climb coming so I gathered my breath and hit it pinned and powered up passing a few more people , when we came over the brow I think I was in 7th ,then two riders crashed in front of me and I passed them putting me in 5th, I was sittin pretty coming into the fastest section of the course , whiskey jack where we were reaching speeds of around 80kph, I pinned it and couldnt see much in the rain and mud , when I got to the bottom of the fast section my heart sank as I heard my rear tyre losing air , I was SOOOO pissed! but nothing could be done , I rode the rest of the course on a flat, and headed for a warm shower.
I was bummed , but bad luck cant be helped
I am definitly going to race again next year! Mass start DH races are SICK!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


This weekend I am competing in the Red Bull EXODUS down hill race, which is a 150 man MASS start down hill race from the top of the Whistler peak all the way to the village , it is gonna be INSANE, the top section is ridiculously fast and the I think the entire race will be around 25 - 35 minutes long!
Bike choice is a tough one , some people are riding smaller travel bikes so they can pedal faster in the top section , I am sticking with my Turner DHR as the middle section is rough as hell!
Check it out at www.redbull.ca/exodus
Ok im going to practice!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whistler Crankworx Slopestyle

Well it been a busy week, riding my bike every day getting ready for the Crankworx slopestyle , I tried to do all the training I could on the course to feel comfortable . I had a set back on thursday when I went for the 55 foot
SRAM gap and came up short , giving my self a shake up and a few stitches , I ended up being the only one to give it a shot.

When the comp rolled around I was feeling pretty good, first had to qualify which worked out ok, Many of the field were taken out by injury and I managed to qualify for the final.

I got more nervous when I had to take my finals run but I got a pretty clean run with a 3 off the 1st drop , a sweet manual on sram feature and a flip off the kokanee final feature.

I was sitting in 7th for my second run but a few guys before me knocked me down a few spots , so i needed to step it up some. My plan was to jump the SRAM gap again , everything was going well until I got to the run in and landed quite far left off the wall ride and I couldnt get the right line for the gap, so I just flagged it and continued my run , which bumped me back up th 9th place my final position.

It would have been cool to launch the big gap but it was super risky and im happy to be healthy and have a top 10 finish at the biggest slopestyle event in the world!

Thanks to everyone for all the support ,my bike was amazing and Im looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 covers ,1 month

This month I have 3 cover shots on the shelves,
Thanks to my good Photographer mates Dan Barham http://www.danbarham.com/
and Mattias Frederiksson http://www.mattiasfredriksson.com/

Im stoked! Cheers boys.


When i was in Washington I stayed At my Gravity team mate Billy lewis's place in Seattle. I got all the bits for my new proto type Tunrner DHR dw link down hill bike sent to Billys place and we set about building it up! We headed down to see the guys at Gravity and they hooked us up with some trick bits, including Limited edition chain guide made mostly from nylon and some sweeet proto type pedals.
I took it with me to Whistler and put the final bits on.
As soon as I got it all together it was straight up Whistler mountain for the maiden voyage ,wooohooo! I am stoked on the way the bike handles in corners and rough sections . I hit all my favorite Jump lines also and the DHR loved it.
I even put it to the test on some Gnarly steep rock slab lines for the Deep summer Photo shoot contest with photographer Dan Barham. look out for some Pix from thats session!

Monday, August 10, 2009


After traveling to Newhampshire and Colorado then washington to pick up bikes Im back in whistler , I got a sweeeet place close to the mountain, and 3 sick bikes , and Crankworx has just started...life could be worse. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Freeride mag cover shot!

Kelly gets his first cover shot in Europe on the cover of Germany's Freeride Magazine -
Photo by Dan Barham.
Haven't seen the mag yet but here is a mini shot of the cover. Yeah Kelly!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crankworx Colorado

Hey guys , I have just come back from Crankworx Colorado... The course was sweet as , Built by John Cowan and my good mate Tommy Hey.
I turned up on wendsday and we had to sit it out for a while till the rain cleared. We got a good day of praccy in on thursday but the weather wasn't cooperating and we had to postpone qualifiers till friday , friday came and so did more rain so it was decided that the qualifiers and the finals would be all on saturday.
I woke up on saturday to clear skies and I was pumped for the event. I spent the whole morning getting my lines down on the course and was happy with my riding, and everthing was dialed on my 5spot. I was 3rd to last on the start list which sucked because i had to wait for nearly an hour till my run .. i dropped in and got thru the first two feaures sweet but I tagged my back wheel on a 360 out of the fruit bowl feature which knocked my score. the rest of my run went to plan and sat me in 8th position . but i knew that the second runs would definitly knock me out of a finals spot.
I planned on a big second run to secure a finals spot. i wanted to flip into the fruit bowl and 360 out which was pretty tech as you had to land the flip perfect and then ram on the anchors for the 360 or you would over shoot the landing by 2 meters.. it was looking all good I landed my flip in ok but it all happened to quick for my 360. I went down hard. I think I over shot .
My 1st run was good for 15th but I was pretty dissapointed with that. looking back I wish I played it a bit safer on my 2nd run but thats the thing with slopestyle...all or nothing!
Im in Denver now but will be returning to Whistler in a few days... yeeeeeah! I'm looking forward to shredding trails on my New DHR!
pics soooon!

Crankworx Colorado 2009

Slopestyle Final Results

1Brandon Semenuk 94.25

2Greg Watts 91.75

3Paul Basagoitia 88.5

4Tyler McCaul 87

5Sam Duek 84.75

6Cam Zink 84.5

7Graham Agassiz 79

8Mike Montgomery 78.25

9Kurtis Sorge 78

10Geoff Gulevich 76.25

11Alex Prochazka 73.5

12Yannic Granieri 72.5

13Eric Lawrenuk 71

14Mitchell Chubey 70.25

15Kelly McGarry 67.75

16Andrew Taylor 67.5

17Brian Miller 54.5

18Eric Porter 53.5

19Jack Fogelquist 50.75

20Colin Westeinde 49.5

21Bendan Howey 47.25

22Jarrett Moore 42.5

23Kyle McDonald 40

24Nick Meyer 35.5

25John Cowan 31.5

26Darren Berrecloth 21.5

27Andreu Lacondeguy 21.25

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crankworx Colorado.. watch it live!

Kelly is on the way to Winter Park Colorado for Crankworx..

If you wanna check out the action, you can watch it live at
or follow the link from www.crankworx.com

Saturday, August 1Slopestyle Finals 2pm

Here is a pic of the course... looking amazing!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kelly 4th at Claymore Challenge

Kelly ended up in 4th place in the Claymore Challenge and is stoked.
Next contest is Crankworx Colorado July 30 - Aug 2 and it's gonna be streaming live online at crankworx.com so check it out.

1. Brandon Semenuk CAN (RedBull/Trek)

2. Greg Watts USA (Gary Fisher)
3. Paul Basagoitia USA (RedBull/Kona)
4. Kelly McGarry NZ (Gravity/Turner)
5. Andrew Taylor USA (Santa Cruz)

Claymore Challenge - Helmet Cam Vid

Helmet cam vid on Freecaster.com - it's Kelly!

Claymore Challenge course walk vid

Yo! I am in Whistler and Kelly is in New Hampshire USA at the Claymore Challenge at Highland Bike Park.. doesn't mean I can't write on his blog, right!?
Here is a vid on the course walk. Kelly called me today when I was riding the Garbanzo chair to let me know he got into the final (10 riders) at the contest and was super stoked!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yo !
Im here in New hampshire USA  for the high land MTB park Claymore challenge slope style
The course is cool as, and we are just about to head down for the comp...fingers xed the weather holds out!
I built up a new 5spot for the occasion....yeeeeah!

Monday, July 6, 2009

DOT day 4 Dirt session!

On the Thursday night we had the Dirt session..and whoa it was siiick! every one showed up at about eight pm and we all started riding.. it was basicaly a 2 hour session and at the end the riders judged who was the best team..so I got to work shreddin the GNAR , my team was a bit dis advantaged as Thomas V didn't have a DJ bike and Eric porter only had his slopestyle bike that wasn't the best on the dirtjumps , so me and Jordie just rode and had a great time (Eric rode for a bit also). There was some siick stuff going on ..Benny Korthius some kind of flat spin 3 double whip , Martin Soderstrom absolutly destroyed...that guy is so bloody GOOD! Sam reynolds ye olde english shredder was busting some sweet fronnies and flipwhips . megatrond also killing it on his home trails!

the Photogs were killing it also ,bangi out some kick ass shots against the Hafjell sunset( at 1130pm!)

Look out for the videos of the session and you can see the action.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Days of Thunder Day 2+3

The last 2 days we have been sessioning the DOT big jumps at the top of Hafjell bike park. Yesterday was the DH relay race.. here is a cool clip from the day.
I got put on team North America cos I am the only dude from down under and I spend so much time over there anyway! So it was me, Jordie Lunn, Thomas Vanderham and my Gravity team mate Eric Porter. We had to choose what section of the track to ride and I chose a super fast flowy section with lots of berms which was perfect for the Turner 5-spot. We ended up winning the race infront of the Norwegian locals. Good times!

Days of Thunder 2009-VideoBlog Day#2 from LowFiBicycleClub on Vimeo.

Then last night we sessioned the huge booters for the first time. The nerves were running high and some of the run-ins were super soft and it was hard to judge speed. Today we headed up for an evening sesh and the jumps had been prepped, watered and it was all go. It was a sick session and I was stoked to get the 17m jump under my belt.

Getting a ride up to the top of the jumps:

10 m gap on right.. 17m gap on left.
DH Relay race.. The winning team ..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Norway Days of Thunder...


We sold our van to our friend in Holland and then he gave us a ride to the airport in Germany so we could head to Norway for the Days of Thunder competition.
I instantly liked the place as we strolled through customs without even speaking to any one or showing our passports (and without paying for 3 bikes with Norwegian air). We were picked up by one of the DOT boys and he drove us towards Hafjell Bike Park. We arrived at Tronds house at 2 am and every one was wide awake building signage for the event. At 2am it was still light! , the sun then started to rise at 3am ..haha this was a new experience for me!

Snus fridge at the Supermarket...
The next morning Sha and I built up our bikes and headed up the mountain to check out the Big lines at the top…Whoa there is a 17 meter gap on one of the jumps and I am super excited to hit these things! We also sampled the Hafjell trails and we weren’t disappointed, there are a load of really nice flowy trails up there and the 5spot ate them up. We have a whole week to ride so im sure we will be spending some more time shreddin up the mountain.
Every night since I’ve been here there is a session on the dirt jumps, which normally STARTS at 10pm and finishes at 1 am. a lot more of the riders are turning up today so It will be getting crazey at the DJ’s later this week I’m guessing!

Heading up the Hafjell bike park gondola:
View from the gondola back down the valley - grass roofed houses!:

So the Days of Thunder event is actually starting today so lookout for clips on the web of some MASSIVE jumps and I will put another post on my blog during the week. chur.

Dirt jumps at the bottom of the bike park: