Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my bikes.

Hey guys I just finished getting all my bikes rolling after my migration back from Canada where I had to leave a few parts to get my luggage under weight! 3 bikes is a bit more luggage than the average traveler!
I Just had a sweet weekend of riding /building jumps , On saturday I went over Takaka way and slayed a few cool tracks on my new DHR a few lads have been building some good tracks over there and the DHR was eating all I could feed it.!
On sunday I woke up early and got my 5spot out and rode/pushed to the top of the 629 track in Nelson , thats 629 meters above sea level, so i lost some GRAVY but made it to the top and ripped down thru the native and pine smashing berms/jumps and north shore all the way to the bottom ,a Super fun trail. Next on sundays riding menu was a some DH on the KAKA hill Nationals track . That track is rough as hell! a few flat tyres later , it was off to my New jump park I have been building to slap a few lips and have a quick ride . I have just one more line to tune in and it will be all go out there. Look out for the opening day JAM we are planning .
Just Another sick weekend in Nelson!

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