Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Claymore vid

Here is a sweet lil edit from the Claymore comp ..there are a few KIWIS in the mix...Green bike Conner ,white Unit top Mcgazza

2011 Claymore Claymore Challenge Highlights from Lucent Productions on Vimeo.

Claymore 2011

Little bro Matty and ME! swimming

Yo Brosifs
I just spent a week in the good ol US of A Hitting the Highland Claymore Challenge comp and also Visiting my little brother Matty who live close by.
It was good to hang out and we did some fishing after the Comp.
As fro the Comp I blew up... I was having a solid run and loving the course but came in too hot on the red bull wallride and my front wheel missed the wall! I never messed that wall up once in practice and couldnt believe I would mess it up im my run!
next run I exploded on a tuck flip! WTF ..Pissed

That was IT for Mcgazza!

Fellow Kiwi Conner Mac-EF was there too and riding really well ,unfortunatly he had a bad stack on a frono at the end of a good run and popped the ol shoulder...heal up brah

me NOT screwing up the wall ride in Pracco
The Kiwis diddnt do to well this weekend but we WILL BE BACK!

I did have alot of fun riding the course ...its one of the better ones out there..props to Smutok and highland Crew for a good job on the course!
and thanks to Matt and crew for having me to stay!

44 days and rolling + Diamondback+ Utah =

check out the 44 days and rolling clip from Utah...we meet up with these blokes and they were good fullas! thanks for the help building the booter!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diamondback Utah Team trip edit

Diamondback DF5 Pro Factory Team Trip to Utah - More Mountain Bike Videos

Yo Bros Check out this edit of our Diamond back team trip to Utah ..Cheers to Kevmo and the Crew at Diamondback for putting it all together!
We had a blast out there with plenty of riding and plenty of laughs along the way!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The "repair the hangover jam"

The boys had a big night the other night we held the "repair the hang over jam" at the wharf in Thun Switzerland. ....goood times.

Repair the hangover/free wheels burning 3.1 from FLYING METAL CREW on Vimeo.

the Swiss army plus one Kiwi!
 Hells yah brahz !
Went on a siiiiick all day Switzerland mega freeride extravagaaaanza tour yesterday ...8am to 10pm of driving/training/bussing/metaling/pushing and riding.

We jumped in my good mate Ramons van and assembled a few other members of the Swiss Army
(Manual, Sven ,Joel) and headed toward the Mountains , we drove onto a train and went through a mountain on a train (while sitting in the car) which was pretty trippy... we then did a quick shuttle of a walking track which was sick .
on the BUS to the top of a big ass mountain!
Then it was time for some big missions..we caught a bus the top of Thyon 2000 mountain which was a 45
minute bus ride followed by over an hour of flowwy walking track style Dh riding ,but it also had crazey bits where we literally rode thru random peoples backyards! past the washing line and everthing, pretty funny!
we tried to ride a chute we saw from the road but it turned out to have bigger rocks than we thought ...I was riding my 4inch slopestyle bike and it was abit of a handfull! Some bigger tyres would have been nice!.
top of big ass mountain!
after that it was one more walking track epic and then back on the train in our car!
It was a super good day and we did some awsome
riding that was very Uniquely Switzerland , i'm so lucky to have friend s who live here and know where to go!
Cheers brahs!

Dream liner weapon against evil!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

USA -Europe Tour of destruction.

me watching me .Groningen ,Holland

My arm in not the best shape ...20 stitches,

Us open slalom Diablo park ,New Jersey USA

Rotterdam park ,Holland


Upside down In the land of Zero Mountains..

this ramp is SO FUN . steel and smoooooth!

A4 trails ,Holland

Cafe chillin ,Holland.

chilling on train Geneva to Thun ,Switzerland. Lake and
mountain veiws and full booth to myself...stoked! 

Me and Ramon camping it up in France

lake jumping In Switzerland

FISE course ...Montpellier France
Yo Bros!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!! I have been balls to the wall traveling and riding all over the freakin place …

After having a bloody awesome time at the US open race at Diablo park in New jersey , I packed up my bikes and jumped on a plane to Switzerland where my good mate Ramon Hunziker picked me up from the airport. (cheers Brah!!)

After sleeping off some jetlag it was straight on the road to FISE competition in Mont pellier ,FRANCE. We took a detour and headed to some epic French trails ..we got a session in when we got there and then stayed the night hopeing for the big sesh in the morn …unfortunately the weather gods wernt having a part of that plan and we awoke to pouring rain… So we slammed a couple of croissants and a coffee or three and cut our losses and headed to Montpellier to check out the course and set up camp.

We arrived in Mont Pell and I was instantly stoked , catching up with buddys I haven’t seen in a year and the course was pretty legit with a 40ft plus maga ramp type jump , an in out fruit bowl jump and a nice finish line jump to top it off.. The best FISE course I have seen yet .

The weather was looking shadey for the weekend so the organisers decided to run Qualis on Friday which ment not to much practice for us.

My quails went pretty terribley to be honest! I was having a good first run but when I 360d out of the fruit bowl I landed of to the right in the soft dirt and I lost a bunch of speed and couldn’t trick the last jump ..pissed!

My second run I had a lot of pressure on my self and I ended up overshooting the mega ramp on a flip! SO pissed!

So that was it … sometimes it doesn’t go to plan!! The rest of the weekend was awesome tho! BMX park blew my mind …those guys are super GNAR …Pat Casey ripping the first ever Decade flip which was amazing to watch.

We had a great time with the FISE crew and rapped it up and headed back to the land of SWITZ ..except I jumped on a plane and headed for Holland for a few days to ride and visit some friends ..

I had a pretty huge crash at the Midden berm trails and ripped a massive hole on my elbow and had to sample the dutch medical system….20 stiches later and a pretty massive medical bill I was back on the street !

So this leg of the trip has had some ups and downs but HEY its all part of the gig . Ya never know where you bike is going to take you…. Sometimes to the podium ….sometimes to the HOSPITAL!

So thats a bit of whats been up over the last couple weeks , Its been pretty hectic on the road all the time but it a hell of alot of fun riding differnt spots ,meeting cool people and in some cases sampleing healthcare systems..hahaha