Thursday, June 16, 2011

the Swiss army plus one Kiwi!
 Hells yah brahz !
Went on a siiiiick all day Switzerland mega freeride extravagaaaanza tour yesterday ...8am to 10pm of driving/training/bussing/metaling/pushing and riding.

We jumped in my good mate Ramons van and assembled a few other members of the Swiss Army
(Manual, Sven ,Joel) and headed toward the Mountains , we drove onto a train and went through a mountain on a train (while sitting in the car) which was pretty trippy... we then did a quick shuttle of a walking track which was sick .
on the BUS to the top of a big ass mountain!
Then it was time for some big missions..we caught a bus the top of Thyon 2000 mountain which was a 45
minute bus ride followed by over an hour of flowwy walking track style Dh riding ,but it also had crazey bits where we literally rode thru random peoples backyards! past the washing line and everthing, pretty funny!
we tried to ride a chute we saw from the road but it turned out to have bigger rocks than we thought ...I was riding my 4inch slopestyle bike and it was abit of a handfull! Some bigger tyres would have been nice!.
top of big ass mountain!
after that it was one more walking track epic and then back on the train in our car!
It was a super good day and we did some awsome
riding that was very Uniquely Switzerland , i'm so lucky to have friend s who live here and know where to go!
Cheers brahs!

Dream liner weapon against evil!

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