Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Claymore 2011

Little bro Matty and ME! swimming

Yo Brosifs
I just spent a week in the good ol US of A Hitting the Highland Claymore Challenge comp and also Visiting my little brother Matty who live close by.
It was good to hang out and we did some fishing after the Comp.
As fro the Comp I blew up... I was having a solid run and loving the course but came in too hot on the red bull wallride and my front wheel missed the wall! I never messed that wall up once in practice and couldnt believe I would mess it up im my run!
next run I exploded on a tuck flip! WTF ..Pissed

That was IT for Mcgazza!

Fellow Kiwi Conner Mac-EF was there too and riding really well ,unfortunatly he had a bad stack on a frono at the end of a good run and popped the ol shoulder...heal up brah

me NOT screwing up the wall ride in Pracco
The Kiwis diddnt do to well this weekend but we WILL BE BACK!

I did have alot of fun riding the course ...its one of the better ones out there..props to Smutok and highland Crew for a good job on the course!
and thanks to Matt and crew for having me to stay!

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