Friday, April 29, 2011

Northern Hem summer!

On the way to Bend ,Oregon with Phil Sundbaum and crew ..I thought it was supposed to be summer over here!


me and Billy boy at Diamondback
 After a hella long drive back from Utah I have been chilling in the not particlary tropical city of Seattle.
Its been all good, Me and my good mate Billy Lewis went out for a XC shralp on some flowwing trails around seattle...the dirt here is so good!

We also called into The Raleigh / Diamondback HQ for a tour and meet everyone in the office. It was cool to see where it happens and pick up a few bits and peices.

Next up I am heading to Bend , Oregon  to ride at Jamie Goldmans jam ..I have always wanted to check out Bend as I have heard the riding is amazing.It should be sweeet!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bike mag Picture Of the DAY

Yeah Boy Picture of the day on bike mag  today...sweet ,Thanks to my mate Dan Barham who shot this pic a couple years back in Kamloops B.C

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Crew


Yo brahs

I have just spent the `last 5 days in southern Utah with the Diamondback crew which consisted of myself ,Eric porter, Billy Lewis. Kyle Thomas , Team manager Jono K, filmer Kevmo and photog Justin Olsen, all the riders went to Sea otter then we hooked up with Justin and his big ass Chevvy 3500 1 ton duramax 7litre enormous TRUCK with a polaris Ranger 4 wheel drive ATV in tow (what a RIG I LOVE AMURICA!!) and then headed down to Southern Utah to hang out and find some cool stuff to ride. We stayed in a pimpin house not to far away from where the Rampage is held and went out on day missions from there.

The Southern Utah Zone has endless possibilites for freeride MTB , any where you turn you see a massive ridgeline to blast or jagged ravine filled with shoots and possible lines… plenty of mind riding happens when your hangin in southern utah!!

For the first day we just set up in the house , built up all our bikes and went for a ride to scout out some potential spots and get used to the heat!

The next few days we spent getting up before sunrise and hitting spots in the golden light then building more stuff to ride after the sun got to high and returning when the evening light was firing to session our new jumps. It was a pretty awsome way to spend a week ! we got some BANGER photos for the Diamond back catalouge and for some ad shots too.
Blasting around the desert in Justins ATV was super fun, and handy as it had a four up bike rack to drag our asses to the top of the hill for more laps!

We Also hooked up with Pinkbike photog Ian Highlands , Katrina Strand and Brook Baker which was cool , we had a big crew ! and look out for some stuff coming on Pink bike soon!

Big ups to Diamondback for sending us out to the desert to GET RAD!


veiw from our veranda

Jono K and I lost in the desert!

The set UP!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sea Otter

just finished building my bike at the Diamondback booth
hEy Brahs!!
im over Here in the good ol USA now!...Driving in BIG cars , Eating BIG meals , drinking BIG drinks ,seeing quite a few BIG people walkin about but most importantly gettin some BIG air on my bike ! hahaha.
I have just spent the last week at the Sea Otter event which was COOL! it was my first time there and I had a blast , All the northern hem crew were there and it was super coool to kick it with them , I rode in the Rain or shine dirt jump jam which was cool as it  was sunny as ...I built up my new Diamonddback Assault hardtail jump bike and christened it on the jumps. I also built up my DH bike and Dreamliner SS bike so they are ready to roll .
Sea otter had alot going on , events ,movie prems ,paaaartays ,so it wasnt hard to keep yourself busy!! I even snuck in an XC ride in Santa cruz which stoked me up! cool trails fo sheeez..
now Im down in Southern Utah shootin some stuff with the Diamond back team . Its so rad down here! BIG STUFF. more posts to come
Jaymo is a champion! Camp of Champions  airbag setup.

Nz summer done!

The clocks are turned back and the cold is coming in as my New Zealand summer draws to a close. It's been another kickass summer down here: massive amounts of riding and roasting the Barbie, a few comps, some fiming and plenty of photo shoots. I also hit the opening of the Queenstown gondola, which is ramping New Zealand up to be a pretty damn sweet northern hemisphere off-season MTB destination.
The NZ season started a bit pear-shaped for me when I broke my collarbone early on a big ol' jump, but I was pretty lucky with the timing and only JUST healed in time for NZ's biggest two-wheeled action-sports event, the Unit Farm Jam, where I placed third . I was pretty stoked on that since my collarbone was still kinda gooey haha! Check the vid here
Some French guys came over to film with me and we made a web edit, which was a lot of fun. You can check out some of my Emmy Award-winning acting in a clip titled Sweet As Bro.
I lived in Queenstown for two months. As usual it was awesome and I will be heading back next summer, but right now I'm back in my hometown of Nelson and in the process of packing all my gear and bikes ready to head to the Northern Hemisphere for another season of riding and mayhem.

First stop will be Sea Otter, followed by a filming trip to Southern Utah with my new frame sponsor team Diamondback. From there I head to Whistler to set up base, from where I'll head out to comps and trips for the rest of the season. IT SHOULD BE RADICAL!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UNIT BMX Farm jam edit

check out the Unit BMX edit from the farm jam . look out for some mcgazza interveiwing of  BMX crew ahahahaha..

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey peepz

I have been on the road for the last week , I packed up all my gear after living a couple of awsome months in Queenstown. I had the best summer down there with Unit Farm jam going off , all the amazing trails and jumps to ride and also the Skyline gondola hauling my ass to the top off the hill so I can do it all over again!

Its such a wicked place down there , it gonna be BIG for mountain biking in years to come I rekon!
Any ways I had too get my self away from that town ! its too good and I wanted to mix it up a bit so I talked my good mate Seb "huckman " Kemp into coming on a mega roady thru the shaking city of Christchurch to shoot a few pics with Sam Minnel and stay with Brad Greenslade and Jo at there amazing house on the out skirts of CHCH and then on to Blenhiem ,drop my van at my mate PUHAs place and then on to wellington on the ferry to hang with the crew up there!
All in all it was a cool mission with many laughs and of course a few hick ups along the way including the wheel falling off my my van and overtaking us while sparks and peices of tarmac swirled behind us! A big thanks to Brad G for coming and saving us! cheers mate!

Now Im chillin in my home town of Nelson until I take off to America on april 12 for anther big season of RIDING BIKES! WHOOP!
Seb and I stranded on the side of the road after the wheel fell off
cruisin on the inter islander

legendary photographer Caleb smith

Not Ideal!