Thursday, March 28, 2013

Teva Slopestyle!!

Teva Slopestyle went off last nite!!!
Massive thanks to everyone who helped us put the event together, it was epic.
here is a sweet edit from the comp...many more to come!!

Teva Slopestyle Queenstown 2013 - EXCLUSIVE from on Vimeo.

Teva slopestyle course building and preview!

We have been working hard building the 2013  Teva slopestyle course here in QT ! check it out

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Passes and Breaks trip 2013

I just got back from a mega raody around the good ol south island of New Zealand with that maple syrup drinkin, Timmy Hortons slurpin Canadian Mike Hopkins , the Kiwi /Canadian ripper and all round joker Casey Brown and talented  photog and organiser of the amazing trip Camilla Stoddart.

We basically Hired 2 Steeeeezzzzy  VW Combo vans and set off into the sunset with bikes , surfboards and a few sausages and beers to see what NZ had to offer!

It was an amazing trip and look out for a full article coming to an MTB publication near you in the near future.

For now ...Check out a couple of snaps we got along the ways.
also check Camillas site

Shreddin Nydia bay track on my Mission

Lunchtime on Nydia track


Combis in convoy , WHites bay

Chillin in Kaikora

Dolphins right infront of where we camped!

Another Epic  camping spot!

Hopkins frothing on headin up to Crousus hut in the  Tooka Tooka!

Huckin to flat

Drop off point West coast

About to fly !

Diaries Down Under - Naseby

Yo bros. Couple of weeks back I went on a bit of an adventure mission to Alexandra and Naseby with the Diaries down under team . Check out this chill little edit we made Cheers!