Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Las Vegas

Las Vegas - INTERBIKE September 2008

Just winding down from Interbike and Las Vegas mayhem and preparing to head to Utah for Red Bull Rampage - www.redbullrampage.com
Interbike was cool, a giant bike industry expo which literally took the whole 3 days to get around. it was Cool to check out all the 2009 gears and catch up with everyone.

Saturday we headed to Anthem Skate Park for the Sin City Jam, it was very hot but we all sessioned the park and it was good times!

-Kelly McGarry

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red Bull Rampage


A couple of months ago Caleb from Spoke Magazine in New Zealand asked if I would be up for riding the Red Bull rampage in Utah USA (October 2-5). Of course I was keen and he put in a proposal on my behalf. Only 28 riders get to ride the event this year and I just found out I am one of them! I am psyched as and forever thankful to Caleb for putting my name out there.
Check out http://www.redbullrampage.com/

Canada Roady

BC and Canadian Rockies destroy all road trip. September 2008

My gf and I packed up the van for another epic mission, I couldn’t decide which bikes to take so took them all. First stop, Sun Peaks bike park near Kamloops. Met up with fellow New Zealand ripper Matt Harris who showed us the sights. There happened to be a 4x race on that day so I figured I might as well give it a go. We had a fun day riding the course and bike park and I ended up 5th in the 4x which was a bit of a laugh.
Next was Silverstar where we rode for 2 days because it was so choice. They know how to make sick berms for sure. We met a wicked dude – Johnny Korthuis in the lineup who ended up on our chair ride up and told us to come ride with him the next weekend at a wee slopestyle comp he had been helping to build in Fort Macleod. On the way to catch up with Johnny I rode a wicked line in Kelowna which I recognised from movies, rode Nelson again with the locals and stopped by at FAVORIT CYCLES in Cranbrook who helped Sha with her new Transition Syren.

Fort Macleod was a wee hick town in the middle of Alberta desert so the bike park was in the middle of nowhere, but it was pretty cool for a small place. The locals all helped build and fund it and had lines for all abilities. The comp was super chill with the Mayor helping run the show. Everyone got 3 runs and then there was a Best Trick showdown which I ended up winning on a whim because not many others landed their tricks. Johnny Korthuis came a deserved first place and I came second.I ended up with my piccy on the front of the Lethrbridge Herald!

The road trip then bought us to some scenic parts of Canada including Kootenay National Park and Banff. We headed to Calgary to go see Rancid and otherwise would have avoided the city for sure. Met up with Johnny Korthuis once again and rode Millenium Skate Park with its monster full-pipe and rode around the streets of Calgary while the girls went shopping. Right now we are heading to Kamloops to hook up with Matt Harris again for the weekend, on the way here we cruised through Banff and Jasper National Parks and checked out the Rocky Mountains and far too many scenic sites, lakes, glaciers, wildlife, waterfalls and canyons. Time to get back on the bike..

Kelly McGarry