Monday, March 22, 2010

fire pit Dirt jam

Hey guys

Just got back to Nelson after a massive roady in my sh%tty van! I can beleive I actully made it ! It burned 6 litres of oil in 3 days driving! it is pretty toasted.

I made it back just in time to shoot some pics at the Firepit jumps the night before the jam. Unfortunatly I slammed really hard and smashed my elbow on the ground causing it to swell up like a large breast on my arm.

So I couldnt ride in the jam which I was really bummed about! the good thing is its not broken and I am skoffing back loads of anti inflamitorys to stop the swelling.

The jam went down on sunday and every one had a good time, it was alittle windy but the GROMMYS were out in force and it was cool to see all the little fellas out there rippin on two wheels.

I ended up judging the jam and a few of the local dudes got hooked up with some prizes which was cool.

The local BMX crew were shredding which was cool to see!

we are planning on doing another jam next summer that will be bigger and better so get out there and practice!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Corsair Konig

Hi Guys , As some of you may know I have started riding for Corsair for 2010 and I have just built up my NewKonig 130mm travel slopestyle bike.
The bike rides and looks great I have kitted it with:
Marzocchi 55 fork and rear Air shock
Atomlab Pimp wheelset
Gravity bar/stem/crank bb/pedals
Hope X2 disc brakes
SDG Ibeam Patriot seat/post
Sram X.O deraileur/shifter/cluster/chain
Tioga tyres
ODI grips
She is a sweet rig and I am looking forward to shredding on it this season!
I am off to switzerland on the 28th of this month to start my 3 month Euro tour before heading to USA/Canada in july , So look out for a flying kiwi on board a Corsair!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fire pit dirt park opening jam

Hey YOU.
Come to this Dirt jump Jam , just out of Nelson.
it will be the shizz.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog off

Seb Kemp is all about the Blogging...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farm Jam 2010

I just got in from a radical weekend at the 2010 Farm Jam , If you weren't there you missed out on one of the best weekends ofBMX /FMX/MTB flowin,trickin,sendin ,and straight huckin that ever went down in New Zealand!

The Frew farm is Situated just out of winton in Southland and the weather couldn't have been better for the big weekend of two wheeled shenanagans.
Unit clothing came to the party big time at the Farm Jam Throwing down some $coin$ for prize money as well as copious amounts of awesome product and even bringing a a chopper to capture the antics as they happened from some high angles.

Gravity Components also threw down some $$ and great product for the MTB contest which was siiiick! and Red Bull made sure evry one was pumped and not thirsty for the weekend Cheers Guys!

I showed up on Thursday to have a ride and help the team set up some wooden structures and the riders started flowing in from Aussie and all over NZ which was pretty awesome
The frew farm has progressed over the last few years into one the best places you could ever take your bike or moto with a fully sick Moto Fmx dirt/ramp park on top of the hill and a mad set of dirt jumps and a dirt pipe and 10ft dirt quarter at the bottom of the hill for bicycle shrederizing.

The 1st Event to kick off was the FMX and the Field was stacked with Top level riders . the man on top was Unit/Red Bull sponsored Kiwi weapon Levi Sherwood who was ridin loose and hangin it out with some burly trick combos like flip shaolin barhop flip and cordova flips. the dude is made of rubber! The whole FMX event was so good to watch ,those boys go LARGE.
3pm rolled around and it was time for the MTB/BMX throwdown show down ! It was all in MTB BMX rider judged 45 min ride any line you want as many times as you want EXPRESSION SESSION...haha!
Every one was loving the format and things were getting out of hand ,a few highlights for me were , watching Unit rider Dane Searls absolutely destroy the the entire dirt course with steez ,burly tricks and gapping the entire dirt pipe deck which was about 30ft long! Paul Langlands was also on fire , throwing down on the Big line with cannon balls , supermans , flowwy 3's and flips and whips both ways.
The MTB crew were rippin too Conner Macfarlane 3'ed the first drop which was sick and also got loose on the big line with a flip one footX and I think he 3'ed the last jump which I have only seen Brett Frew do before. It was good to watch Elmo C and Phil M shred the course with tricks and steez. Karl B flipped every jump in the big line in a row and boosted the shiz out of every thing.

The Gnarliest thing that I saw all day had to be "The Bastard" FRONT FLIP off the Gravity Drop 2nd try. without even just riding off the drop 1st! sicko !
After the BMX/MTB finished up we went back to the Moto course for the Moto /style race which was basically a chilled race with extra points for rippin it sideways.. Local racer Scotty columb was down with the format and hauled ass around the course throwin some nasty whips and took the win .

All in all it was an amazing weekend of Two wheeled action I was stoked to get 3rd in the MTB and win some $CASH$ I will be be going back next year for sure and so should YOU!.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Farm Jam 2010

I'm at the Frew Farm right now ...people are showing up with motos and bikes ,let the madness begin!