Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crankworx Colorado.. watch it live!

Kelly is on the way to Winter Park Colorado for Crankworx..

If you wanna check out the action, you can watch it live at
or follow the link from

Saturday, August 1Slopestyle Finals 2pm

Here is a pic of the course... looking amazing!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kelly 4th at Claymore Challenge

Kelly ended up in 4th place in the Claymore Challenge and is stoked.
Next contest is Crankworx Colorado July 30 - Aug 2 and it's gonna be streaming live online at so check it out.

1. Brandon Semenuk CAN (RedBull/Trek)

2. Greg Watts USA (Gary Fisher)
3. Paul Basagoitia USA (RedBull/Kona)
4. Kelly McGarry NZ (Gravity/Turner)
5. Andrew Taylor USA (Santa Cruz)

Claymore Challenge - Helmet Cam Vid

Helmet cam vid on - it's Kelly!

Claymore Challenge course walk vid

Yo! I am in Whistler and Kelly is in New Hampshire USA at the Claymore Challenge at Highland Bike Park.. doesn't mean I can't write on his blog, right!?
Here is a vid on the course walk. Kelly called me today when I was riding the Garbanzo chair to let me know he got into the final (10 riders) at the contest and was super stoked!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yo !
Im here in New hampshire USA  for the high land MTB park Claymore challenge slope style
The course is cool as, and we are just about to head down for the comp...fingers xed the weather holds out!
I built up a new 5spot for the occasion....yeeeeah!

Monday, July 6, 2009

DOT day 4 Dirt session!

On the Thursday night we had the Dirt session..and whoa it was siiick! every one showed up at about eight pm and we all started riding.. it was basicaly a 2 hour session and at the end the riders judged who was the best I got to work shreddin the GNAR , my team was a bit dis advantaged as Thomas V didn't have a DJ bike and Eric porter only had his slopestyle bike that wasn't the best on the dirtjumps , so me and Jordie just rode and had a great time (Eric rode for a bit also). There was some siick stuff going on ..Benny Korthius some kind of flat spin 3 double whip , Martin Soderstrom absolutly destroyed...that guy is so bloody GOOD! Sam reynolds ye olde english shredder was busting some sweet fronnies and flipwhips . megatrond also killing it on his home trails!

the Photogs were killing it also ,bangi out some kick ass shots against the Hafjell sunset( at 1130pm!)

Look out for the videos of the session and you can see the action.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Days of Thunder Day 2+3

The last 2 days we have been sessioning the DOT big jumps at the top of Hafjell bike park. Yesterday was the DH relay race.. here is a cool clip from the day.
I got put on team North America cos I am the only dude from down under and I spend so much time over there anyway! So it was me, Jordie Lunn, Thomas Vanderham and my Gravity team mate Eric Porter. We had to choose what section of the track to ride and I chose a super fast flowy section with lots of berms which was perfect for the Turner 5-spot. We ended up winning the race infront of the Norwegian locals. Good times!

Days of Thunder 2009-VideoBlog Day#2 from LowFiBicycleClub on Vimeo.

Then last night we sessioned the huge booters for the first time. The nerves were running high and some of the run-ins were super soft and it was hard to judge speed. Today we headed up for an evening sesh and the jumps had been prepped, watered and it was all go. It was a sick session and I was stoked to get the 17m jump under my belt.

Getting a ride up to the top of the jumps:

10 m gap on right.. 17m gap on left.
DH Relay race.. The winning team ..