Saturday, June 30, 2012

Diamandback road trip , Oregon . Behind the scenes video

Haha check out our behind the scenes video from our team trip to Oregon, it was a pretty chill trip and we shot photos for the catalouge.
So many laughs...good times with the crew FO SHO!!!

Diamondback Team Trip on Pinkbike

Friday, June 29, 2012

Portugal surf trip

 I just got back from Portugal today ...
 went on a trip with my buddy Manual Kunz to have ave a break from 2 wheels and take in some Beach life!...ohhh yeah!
Such a sweet trip!
Sun , Surf and chillin...
few pics get the jist of it! (sorry not many action pics busy surfing!)


Our rental took a beating! it loved it! hhahaha


King of Air , Flims, Switzerland

the set up 1x 12meter gap,1 x 15meter gap

building the ramps up
 Whooa I have been really busy! sorry on lack of posts
I am in Switzerland , last weekend we had the King of air  ,Big air style jump comp in Flims, Switzerland
I helped build the ramps and then set the whole comp up with the Flying metal crew.
The comp went off under lights...on sat night.
it was sick and everone went crazy.
one of the BMX guys did a quad tail whip!
I got 5th palce and took home some caaaash! Stoked!

I also competed in the Trail fox race which consists of 3 races.. a night Downhill (with headlamp, a freeride track race and a massive 10minute long (ish) Dh race ...
It was such a maaaasssive weekend!! i was toasted after!!
the whole weekend was really rad ...big thatks to everyone involved!!

Check out the crash at the end of the video!! hahahhaha

Flyingmetal team building exercise....Ramon later smashed me
into the fence so hard it smashed and we got kicked out by the
angry swiss wasnt really a suprise tho!

local shrubs growing at our hostel!

the comp was fun ...I ended up 5th

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yeoooowwww  we went to see Rise Against in Interlaken stoked ...amazing venue and good crew to shred 'er up with .

After the gig I ate the massivest burger I have ever eatin !!!!ohhh shit!
ohhhh yeah!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shredding Train laps in BEX, Switzerland

Train chillin
 Had the best day shredding and the boys went to a place called Bex close to the border of France.

It was pretty sick , we just brought a train pass  and for the day and rode up on the train and shreddin down on the bikes AAAAALLLLLL DAAAAAYYY!! hahah epic. the trails were sweet covered in leaves and pretty F**kin steep in places ... it was alittle slippery and we rode some crazzey schutes that you couldnt control your speed on  a bit loooooose on a few occasions ..but that made it even more fun!
check out a little of my Gopro footy below
will be back at this spot FO SHO!!

takin up some real estate in the train!

Cold beer tasted pretty goooood after a full day of rippin er up!

lunch time coffee session!


It seems where evre I go in the world I end up building ramps....which is cool cause I like doing it! check out the big puppys me and my buddy Ramon put together for this weekends King of Air comp in Flims , Switzerland.

The jump is gonna be about a 15 meter gap....whooooaaa! cant wait to try these things out!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Just spent 5 days shredding at Woodward west ramp complex in Tehachapi California.
I had the best time , I stayed with my mate Andrew "Dippy" Bigelow ...we did a bunch of riding ,coaching the campers and hangin out ...
I rode so much ! prettty beat after that week for sure
I even got to ride the Woodward Mega ramp ...that was a highlight for me ....macking into a 50foot long jump at about 50kphand just floating! then hitting a 25ft tall quater pipe! so good and smooth .... EPIC and a  cool experience . (sorry was to busy riding to shoot many pics!!)
I diddnt want to leave ...but I had to and now after a pretty massive days travel I am in Switzerland.
Me and Andrew "DIPPY" Bigelow doing shuttles with the campers

Danny Josa ...Hungarian ripper and all round good bloke

I could live here.
ready for another EU adventure...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teva Mountain Games - Vail Colorado

Just spent 5 days in Vail Colorado at the Teva Mountain Games...\
it was so rad out there , Teva put in on for us big time... Me and my mate Matty Gilso stayed in a sweet hotel in the middle of town ..Sh*t got pretty rowdy! yeeeewwww!
I got 11th at the slopestyle on a super fun course...over all . SICK EVENT!
will be back next year for sure!
 Tabz flip on the last jump on the slopestyle course

Me and Matty Gilso ...chillin 

View from the paaaaarty! 
Me and Swiss cheese Ramon
 BIG Thanks to the Teva crew


Check out this video my good mate Justin Olsen made from our trip down the Green River in Utah last year.
It was a radical adventure and watching the video brings back great memories !
Have to give a big shout out to all the epic sponsors that made the trip happen.Cheers
Diamondback, Gravity, Camelbak , Clif bar , Huck n roll, Goal Zero,Teva...