Friday, June 29, 2012

King of Air , Flims, Switzerland

the set up 1x 12meter gap,1 x 15meter gap

building the ramps up
 Whooa I have been really busy! sorry on lack of posts
I am in Switzerland , last weekend we had the King of air  ,Big air style jump comp in Flims, Switzerland
I helped build the ramps and then set the whole comp up with the Flying metal crew.
The comp went off under lights...on sat night.
it was sick and everone went crazy.
one of the BMX guys did a quad tail whip!
I got 5th palce and took home some caaaash! Stoked!

I also competed in the Trail fox race which consists of 3 races.. a night Downhill (with headlamp, a freeride track race and a massive 10minute long (ish) Dh race ...
It was such a maaaasssive weekend!! i was toasted after!!
the whole weekend was really rad ...big thatks to everyone involved!!

Check out the crash at the end of the video!! hahahhaha

Flyingmetal team building exercise....Ramon later smashed me
into the fence so hard it smashed and we got kicked out by the
angry swiss wasnt really a suprise tho!

local shrubs growing at our hostel!

the comp was fun ...I ended up 5th

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