Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gravity light nylon composite chain guide

well styled components
 The good chaps at WIDE OPEN distributors and GRAVITY just sent me down this Gravity light nylon Composite chain guide . I have been running these beasts for a couple of seasons now and THEY ARE THE GO.
These chain guides work so well  because sometimes things dont go to plan..like coming up short on big ass jump or chain ringing a log or rock
Because they are Nylon they can take a beating and when they take a hit they flex and return to their original shape, and dont jam your sprocket up like some aluminum guides,  but they are rigid enough to keep you pedals spinning on race day no matter what the terrain.
Tough as , Light as, sweet AS

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Corsair Dominion ready to shred

These bikes dont grow on trees!
Well my new bike showed up a couple of days ago , shes a jem.                       
Its a new Corsair Dominion , the same as the one that got stolen by some cheeky bugger at the interbike trade show inVegas.                                                  
The cool thing about these bikes is they come with the option to switch the suspension and tyres and you can run it as a full DH set up,  free ride , or even step it down to a 5inch slopestyle bike  . It has adjustable Chain stays ,Shock mounts and head angle to make the whole system work.
I'm really excited about the concept as I spend alot of time traveling with my bikes annd with this system I can take one less bike on tour and just take extra suspension and tyres and switch it up depending on what event or terrain I am riding. SWEET!   I kitted my new ride out with some trick Marzocchi light weight titanium parts , some sleek Gravity components  , Hope team edition  Brakes , Burly Atomlab wheelset , SDG seat ,ODI grips Sram drive train and Tioga tyres She weighs in at 40pounds   
Look out for some riding pics comming soooooon!
thanks to  my sponsors:                                           Corsair bikes
Gravity components
Unit clothing
Hope Brakes
Wide Open Distributors
Red Bull NZ
Giro Helmets
Adidas eyewear
SDG seats
ODI grips
Skull Candy
Rocco shock with Titanium spring...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

front pagin

Hahahahaha , I ended up on the front page of my Local News paper today!
now all my teachers that ever wondered "what happened to that little brat MCGARRY" can see Im just a big brat now doing skids on my bike !  This photo was taken yesterday when we opened up the new Pump track we built at Auckland point school to the kids   .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Pump track in Nelson

Here is a pump track we whipped up over the last few days , its at Auckland point school in Nelson ,It works great, so get down there and have a shred.
I wish we had pump tracks at school when I was a grommy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yeah Im back in good ol NZ , Ive just been settin myself up again , pulling my old van out of the scrub and getting her going .. shes getting a bit tired these days! haha
I Have been havin a few chill sessions at the jumps I built up here and rippin some DH laps.
December 1st was a good day , I got to shave my filthy STACHE off!


Here are a few mags with my ugly face in em! On the shelves right now Go Buy them!

DIRT Mag UK (interview and contents)
SPOKE Mag NZ (Flip tuck)

 Revolution Mag AUS deep summer photo comp article

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A contrast in temperatures!

After spending a great 5 weeks cruising around in Central America  in 27ish degreeish temps , surfing ,swimming and spending most of the day in boardies it was time to leave and head back to enourmous freezer that is Whistler B.C and pick up my bikes and gear and head home to good ol NZ.  The good thing was I had a day and a half to drag my old snow board out and go for an early season powpow destroying quest.
It was quite a shock to the system to be at the top of whistler mountain in negative 12 degree temps after C.A ! but it was cool to have a quick shred as my biking life style dosnt really allow to much time for the fluffy white stuff!
straight after shredding pow at black comb opening day ,it was straight in the truck to pick up my bikes and battle the snowwy roads to Vancouver airport and get on a plane to NZ!! which is where I am now woooohooo it Flamin good to be home after 8 months of constant traveling and carnage !

Nicaragua boat trip

Hey bros check this little clip , when I was in Nicaragua we went on a surf/fish/beerdrinking boat trip , it was sick! we came across a pod of sea turtles , there were heaps of them , I jumped in a couple times with my GOPRO and tried to film them , this was as close as I got , those things can move underwater!
We also ran into a few giant schools of Tuna , there were THOUSANDS of them! jumping oput of the water and going crazey! it wasnt hard to get yourself some dinner! Iended up getting this Skipjack Tuna , It  put up a fight ! it was like pulling in a block of concrete! SOLID .
We then went to a pretty mean srf spot and got some nice waves, it was a primo day  and it only cost me $28 and I got to keep my FUSH for dinner! sweeeeeeeeet!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GOPRO Crankworx 2010 edit

Here is the GOPRO edit from Crankworx Slopestyle this year with Mike Montgomery , Bearclaw and myself.

 Check it out , You get an Idea of what its like to be riding in "the BIG show " Kokanee CRANKWORX.



Check this clip out of me surfing in El Salvador a couple of days ago , it took about 4 hours to up load on the slow net connections down here!! filmed on my GOPRO camera , these things are so RAD!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata.

Well After  a full week and a bit of being dragged , heels dug in , tears flowwing thru every market and shop in Mexico and Guatemala  , I have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , as a fella there is only so many necklaces , rings and scarfs you can look at before you lose the plot,SO I have Parted ways with my female companions and as of a few hours ago   ..The Mcgazza is flying SOLO in Central America, Thats right folks I have cast myself into the non English speaking abyss with only my 5 word Spanish vocabulary to arm me  , and no female translators there to save the day! It should be interesting , andalso may force me to learn some Spanish.
I am heading to La libertad in El Salvador in the morning to  search of  mint waves , full beers , and fish tacos , I plan to find these things and DESTROY THEM.

Check out a few pics of us walking to the top of a frickin VOLCANO  in Guatemala,it was pretty sweet, we ran around , toasted a few marshmellows over some lava , and I also scoped a few epic lines for me and my trusty bike!it looked sick ...maybe a bit soft (and hot in places) !
Any ways , I have no Camera now But I will do my best to put
some stuff on here over the next few weeks.
      P*** off . I have enough necklaces!

 Excuse Shas hideous tee shirt..  MARZOCCHI FO LIFE!
The Usual.

SKULLCANDY TV Crankworx edit

Check out this Crankworx Edit the good blokes at SKULLCANDY TV put up ..   http://tv.skullcandy.com/
Cheers fellas

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey Amigos
After a big season of bike riding and traveling we decided to head
down to Mexico and Central America to check it out and do some surfing .
We have been here in Mexico for a couple of weeks and have been having a blast
Its different down here , haha I stick out like DOGS BALLS the
average person is about HALF the height of me and people on the Bus's
and trains just stare at me like I am a sheep walking around on stilts, haha pretty entertaining.
We kicked of in Mexico City , I found my mate KEMS from Nelson name on the wall at some random  hostel so I added mine next to it ! Nelson Represent!  We went checked out some wrestling which was a crock. I brought a mask any ways .
I was over the city , so it was on to the coast for some surf . A few shitty bus rides later I was hanging ten in the town of Troncones. sweet waves . I surfed every day for 4 days then smashed it  down to Puerto Escondido, which is where I am now . Wicked place! its just a surf town ! Waves every day cheap food/beer gooood times! I got Mauled by a swarm of
JELLYFISH , I got stung to pieces and 3 days on Im  
still itching ...I wouldn't recommend it.
So yep , I have a couple more days surfing here then we are taking of to some kind of DEAD people festival which should be interesting. Then we will be making our way down   south to Guatemala ,Honduras Nicaragua .
It should be an adventure....will keep ya posted. 


Thursday, October 21, 2010

BOOM !!! REVO MAG COVER number 2!

Just scored another Revo mag cover, Stoked as. Shot  by my Mate Hansueli from switzerland.

Shot on Aline in Whistler POV form Manual Kunz 
Sick in the face!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here is the Clif bar Edit from Alaska , I'm looking froward to the Gravity edit coming soon ..

Eric Porter - Alaska 2010 from DH Productions LLC on Vimeo.

Brett frew and me riding

Brett Frew Thanks Sponsors from Aint a Big Deal on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010


JEEEZ I have been putting this one off ! ...its fun to write blogs when you kick ass but when you crash and land on your face it just aint as fun!

Yep . At the 2010 Red bull Rampage I GOT RAMPAGED.
We showed up 5 days before Qualies , to find/dig and ride my line... as usuall it was pretty full on picking out your line . you have to pick something that is ganrly enough compared to others lines and also you want it to flow and look good . you also have to make sure you are capable and have the BALLS to shred the SHIT out of it.
I looked at a few options in the Qual area and ended up deciding to hit ridge 2 with my own line that lead into the Oakley sender ( a 40 out 40 dwn drop)  . figuring it would suck to ride a different line that wasnt as burly , get it clean and still not make the cut . So I went for what I thought was the Gnarliest feature in the Qualie Zone (oakley sender) .
I set about building my line , it took about a day to get er done and was pretty draining in 40 degree tempretures. I shredded my whole line except the oakly sender and was pretty stoked 2 days b4 qual .
the day before qualies I shedded my line in sections and then a few of us MANNED up for the big drop . Buehler was first to hit it and he nailed it ... a couple other guys sent it and then it was my turn ... I let my brakes off where everyone said I needed to and sent it off the drop ( it was blind as hell) I took off and to my horror I could see that I was going WAY too fast and was going to land about 15 feet from where I needed to ... On a drop this big you have to get it RIGHT . I landed and just Exploded
That was the end of the day for me  helmet smashed , chunks of meat hanging from my elbows and general full body beat down.
I woke up sore at 6am next morning to head up for qualies
I got warmed up and headed to the top for my run , Of course I  was feeling a bit nervous about the big drop mid run .
I dropped in and got on it, hangin er out loose AS and feeling really good, I destroyed my line leading up to the oakley drop.
I approched the drop alot slower this time and just f**kin nailed it! YUUUUUUUSSSSS, I was so pumped about shreddin the drop I just let the brakes off and leaned back on the 50ft double following the drop for a big floaty flip (which I hadn,t planned on!)  and sent it ...some how I got off AXIS and ate it .. I dont think I have ever been so pissed off with myself...what the hell.. all I needed to do was get to the bottom but instead I got all carried away and started back flippin shit.. nice one DICK HEAD!
i still had one run to get it right  so I headed back up to the top ... this time the wind picked up real bad , I was super worried about the drop in the wind . I dropped in and headed down my line , things were going well I got thru the upper section and headed for the oakley sender ... the wind was swirling but I ripped off there anyways ... I landed the drop SWEEEET and shralped into my mate MR 50 ft double .... I dragged some brake headin in and sent it ... launched and just went miles too  far ... landed and went into the bushes . BOOM that was it Rampage over for Mcgazza ... there is no room for a crash at rampage and I just cooked two runs.
Pissed was an under statement... Some times when you put alot of pressure on your self to do well you end up syking yourself out.. I made a couple of dumbass mistakes . I talked to the judges and they said i just needed to make it to the bottom of my line and I was thru to the final as my line was high scoring due to the risk .
Any way there wasnt much more I could do than sit back and watch the GNAR that was Rampage finals ..You probably have seen a bunch of footage/pics from the event , Im hella stoked for my Corsair team mate Cam Zink on taking the win ... 3'ing off that thing was INSANE  he fully deserved to take the win. good stuff mate.


WHat a sick event Red Bull Rampage is , pushing the sport and the limits of what can be done on a mountainbike. full credit to the team at Red Bull you guys  NAILED it.
For me now its back to Whiss and keep riding my bike until i head back to good ol NZ for another sick summer of ridng!
Cheers mates

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 Oh yeah i'm out out the Red Bull Rampage in the Utah Desert, I went to the site for the first time today, SHes GNAR! way bigger stuff than last year.. I spent the morning digging my line before I started to MELT after lunch with 38 degree tempretures. we went home for some lunch and then went and shralped on the old rampage site till dark . Bloody sweeeeet day!
I will be doing more building over the next few days and testing out some of the BURLY features the Rampage team have constructed . Its gonna be a sick comp.

VOD Pinkbike

Yuss . I scored VOD on pinkbike today! check it out...
23000 views and counting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interbike Las Vegas

I have just spent the last two days at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas , it was all good , I checked out a whole lot of new bike industry GIZMOS and walked around alot and also talked alot! it was pretty fun.
My bike sponsor Corsair bikes http://www.corsairbikes.com/ were nice enough to kit me out a siiiiiick new bike to ride at the Red Bull Rampage , (see pics) I spent most of my first day at the show drooling on it ,super excited to ride.
The next day when i got to the show , i turned up to the Corsair booth to check out my new whip and it wasnt there. I figured they must have been showwing it to some one , but later in the day we found out it along with a few other bikes at interbike had been stolen! http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Kelly-Mcgarry-Corsair-stolen-2010.html
SO if you see it around get in touch .
And to whoever pinched it F**k you.

Lucky I have my other bike with me , next stop Red Bull Rampage. BRING IT.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Bull Rampage.

This sh*t makes my hair stand on end! whooooa yeah this year is gonna be GNARLY I am heading to Vegas on wednesday  and then onto Virgin Utah to compete in this years Red Bull Rampage .
If you scout around on the net http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Rampage-6-The-Oakley-Sender,1592/Slideshow,11224/sspomer,2 you can find some of the stuff they have in the course this year.
Check it out

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hey Brahs!
Check out the Vid the crew over at UNIT http://www.unitriders.com/australia/ put together from a few spots back in New Zealand .
  Thanks  to Peit and Toby  and also Luke Mccombie for filming and giving up their time and thanks to all the people behind all the KICK ASS riding spots , The FREWS , the CHCH crew , Greenwood and his army. SEB K and any one else with a shovel and an imagination. Thanks mates you guys make NZ such a sick place to ride.
Cheer Cheer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

crankworx slopestyle video

Check out this slope style video from crankworx 2010 with possibly the WORST soundtrack known to man.

Float Plane drop

Hey team
Me ,Sha and my little bro went to  Gunn lake in the Chillcoatain mountains to do a float plane drop on the weekend , Its a 15 min plane ride and then a 26km mostly downhill ride from spruce lake to Gunn lake.
The dirt up there is amaaazing , no rocks and super flowwy trails . get up there!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alaska DONE.

SUp brahs
I'm Back from my trip to Alaska, looking back it was a great trip , I was there for 10 days . we Scoped/built/rode/filmed and shot every day , we stayed in a camping ground close to the riding zone , i stayed in a old school military tent and the rest of the crew stayed in various vehicles or trailer on our site.
On the way back to the airport we got lucky and we sow the northern lights firing on all cylinders! it was so amazing , I allways thought that it was a band of light in the sky but I was stoked to find the whole sky swirling/moving and spinning .I thought the frickin ALIENS were coming! freaky shizzle!
Alsaka is an amazing place A BIG Thanks to Gravity for sending us down there!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

More Alaskish stuff

Here are a few more life steez pics from Alaska,  check out my military style tent I am staying in ....LUXURY!  Skinny dicks half way in was a great bar! hahaha

  I am so pumped on this place! and the riding is siiiick!

So far I have seen a few MOOSE'S with little cool moose children and also the northern lights, just gotta find a Grizzly beer.