Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nicaragua boat trip

Hey bros check this little clip , when I was in Nicaragua we went on a surf/fish/beerdrinking boat trip , it was sick! we came across a pod of sea turtles , there were heaps of them , I jumped in a couple times with my GOPRO and tried to film them , this was as close as I got , those things can move underwater!
We also ran into a few giant schools of Tuna , there were THOUSANDS of them! jumping oput of the water and going crazey! it wasnt hard to get yourself some dinner! Iended up getting this Skipjack Tuna , It  put up a fight ! it was like pulling in a block of concrete! SOLID .
We then went to a pretty mean srf spot and got some nice waves, it was a primo day  and it only cost me $28 and I got to keep my FUSH for dinner! sweeeeeeeeet!

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