Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata.

Well After  a full week and a bit of being dragged , heels dug in , tears flowwing thru every market and shop in Mexico and Guatemala  , I have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , as a fella there is only so many necklaces , rings and scarfs you can look at before you lose the plot,SO I have Parted ways with my female companions and as of a few hours ago   ..The Mcgazza is flying SOLO in Central America, Thats right folks I have cast myself into the non English speaking abyss with only my 5 word Spanish vocabulary to arm me  , and no female translators there to save the day! It should be interesting , andalso may force me to learn some Spanish.
I am heading to La libertad in El Salvador in the morning to  search of  mint waves , full beers , and fish tacos , I plan to find these things and DESTROY THEM.

Check out a few pics of us walking to the top of a frickin VOLCANO  in Guatemala,it was pretty sweet, we ran around , toasted a few marshmellows over some lava , and I also scoped a few epic lines for me and my trusty bike!it looked sick ...maybe a bit soft (and hot in places) !
Any ways , I have no Camera now But I will do my best to put
some stuff on here over the next few weeks.
      P*** off . I have enough necklaces!

 Excuse Shas hideous tee shirt..  MARZOCCHI FO LIFE!
The Usual.

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