Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 weeks , 2 huckers, 2 french free ride comps , 2 meke bro!

Yep for the last 2 weeks I have been on the road with my good mate and swiss destroyer Ramon Hunziker .
final results
Starting from Switzerland , we loaded the van with ourselves and way too much stuff , and started driving towards the smell of fresh croissants cooking and the sound of frogs sizzling on the grill and the sight of the beautiful French alps..
Chatel mountain style  competition , a freeride , big mountain ,pick your own line style of comp is held at Chatel resort , France , I have been twice before and had a blast so it was an easy call to choose to show up again.
The weather wasn’t looking too flash on the  forecast and the pounding rain on the van window  was complimenting the weather forecast geeks handsome salary. Damn  lucky we brought mud tires!
The first ride on the course was hectic !, it was insanely wet and slippery with mud that stuck to your tyres and bike , I spent most of the run one foot off in no control of my bike whatsoever! The hotel room seemed like a better a better idea so we headed back and hoped for better weather in the morn for quals.
We woke to blazing sun  beaming down , drying out the muddy slop, everyone was pumped.  By the time3pm rolled around the course was running sweet!
The weather was looking shady for the next day which was supposed to be finals…so the organisers said “cut loose …today it might not happen tomorrow” , I took their advice and went hard in my Quals run , getting pretty loose on a few fast parts , floatin a backo  over the road gap and holding it together down to the bottom  which was good enough for 4th place. Stoked. My travel buddy Ramon scored himself a flat tire which he was pretty pissed about!
Sure enough the rain came the next day and they canned the finals …ya cant say they didn’t warn us!!..anyways I was stoked with 4th place  overall and 1000 euros …Paaaarty!!
 We Headed back to switz to grab the hard tails and cruise to Crankworx Europe in Les Deux Alpes , France. Driving to the resort was pretty epic, the road winding up with massive alps either side. We showed up to the hotel and caught up with all the rad team from Teva , chowed down a few croissants for breako and went to ride the course.

Sven Martin ..world traveler, photog and weapon 

from where I was standing

The Event organisation was pretty loose and the weather was a little shady… but somehow we managed to have a comp on sat morn , people were getting pretty wild, some crazy shit went down …mega French shredders I have never heard of juuust throwing down!
In the end Semenuk destroyed the field as per usual … big tricks on lock .and unbelievably smooth and calculated …a well deserved 1st place
Ramon and myself had pretty clean runs , I grabbed 9th and Ramon 10th..I was stoked on Two top ten FMB gold event finishes this Euro trip . (check out my Gopro footy)
With the comp done and dusted there was nothing left to do but drink a lot of beers with the crew and paaarty all night  and ensure that the drive to the airport in the morning absolutely sucked!
Euro life!!! hahahha

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crankworx Europe .Les 2 Alpes. France

View from my balcony...sweeeeet!!!!
Im In france for Crankworx Europe
It frickin sweet so far...
Rode the course today ..its loose!
more updates soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th place Chatel Mountain Style , France

So we just got back from Chatel Mountain style in france ,
It was a pretty sweet weekend , the course was Big, rough and Gnar as usual ... the guys had made a pretty monster stepdown to start the course off... Bout 8meter x11 meters out...pretty scary lookin , in the end the weather was not playing the game!... super wet on friday then windy on saturday...
The comp went ahead none the less on Saturday ...evryone passed on the big line as it was so windy and it was a season ender if it went wrong! 
I had a solid run that landed me in 4th place  
we were supposed to get another run on sunday but the weather shit the bed and they cancelled it so i eneded up 4th overall... pretty stoked on that ! .... also 1000 euros! Boom! 
cheeers to the crew
Final results

 Chilled with Belguim shredder Nico Vink a bit over the weekend ...such a rad  dude!

me and Pilgrim looking concerned!

Stoked on 4th place and 1000 Euros! BOOM ...i needed that!
I rode My Diamondback Scapegoat at the comp... its my favorite bike in the DB line! soooo sick! handles the big stuff
like a BOSS and you can still throw it around like a slope bike . STOKED ON THIS THANG!

Champagne!!!!  needed a shower any way!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Teva Mountain games videos!

Here is an edit the team from Teva put together...it was goood times!

Monday, July 2, 2012

On the road to TEVA MOUNTAIN GAMES in Vail Colorado

Yo ! here is a video Me and my Good mate Matt Gilsenan made of my trip over to the Teva Mountain games in Vail Colorado , it was a hellova fun trip ...hangin with Matt and shreddin a few trails in Salt lake city area and then roadying over to Vail.
Check it out!!...
Big thanks to the guys at Teva for a great weekend!!