Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th place Chatel Mountain Style , France

So we just got back from Chatel Mountain style in france ,
It was a pretty sweet weekend , the course was Big, rough and Gnar as usual ... the guys had made a pretty monster stepdown to start the course off... Bout 8meter x11 meters out...pretty scary lookin , in the end the weather was not playing the game!... super wet on friday then windy on saturday...
The comp went ahead none the less on Saturday ...evryone passed on the big line as it was so windy and it was a season ender if it went wrong! 
I had a solid run that landed me in 4th place  
we were supposed to get another run on sunday but the weather shit the bed and they cancelled it so i eneded up 4th overall... pretty stoked on that ! .... also 1000 euros! Boom! 
cheeers to the crew
Final results

 Chilled with Belguim shredder Nico Vink a bit over the weekend ...such a rad  dude!

me and Pilgrim looking concerned!

Stoked on 4th place and 1000 Euros! BOOM ...i needed that!
I rode My Diamondback Scapegoat at the comp... its my favorite bike in the DB line! soooo sick! handles the big stuff
like a BOSS and you can still throw it around like a slope bike . STOKED ON THIS THANG!

Champagne!!!!  needed a shower any way!

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