Saturday, November 27, 2010

A contrast in temperatures!

After spending a great 5 weeks cruising around in Central America  in 27ish degreeish temps , surfing ,swimming and spending most of the day in boardies it was time to leave and head back to enourmous freezer that is Whistler B.C and pick up my bikes and gear and head home to good ol NZ.  The good thing was I had a day and a half to drag my old snow board out and go for an early season powpow destroying quest.
It was quite a shock to the system to be at the top of whistler mountain in negative 12 degree temps after C.A ! but it was cool to have a quick shred as my biking life style dosnt really allow to much time for the fluffy white stuff!
straight after shredding pow at black comb opening day ,it was straight in the truck to pick up my bikes and battle the snowwy roads to Vancouver airport and get on a plane to NZ!! which is where I am now woooohooo it Flamin good to be home after 8 months of constant traveling and carnage !

Nicaragua boat trip

Hey bros check this little clip , when I was in Nicaragua we went on a surf/fish/beerdrinking boat trip , it was sick! we came across a pod of sea turtles , there were heaps of them , I jumped in a couple times with my GOPRO and tried to film them , this was as close as I got , those things can move underwater!
We also ran into a few giant schools of Tuna , there were THOUSANDS of them! jumping oput of the water and going crazey! it wasnt hard to get yourself some dinner! Iended up getting this Skipjack Tuna , It  put up a fight ! it was like pulling in a block of concrete! SOLID .
We then went to a pretty mean srf spot and got some nice waves, it was a primo day  and it only cost me $28 and I got to keep my FUSH for dinner! sweeeeeeeeet!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GOPRO Crankworx 2010 edit

Here is the GOPRO edit from Crankworx Slopestyle this year with Mike Montgomery , Bearclaw and myself.

 Check it out , You get an Idea of what its like to be riding in "the BIG show " Kokanee CRANKWORX.



Check this clip out of me surfing in El Salvador a couple of days ago , it took about 4 hours to up load on the slow net connections down here!! filmed on my GOPRO camera , these things are so RAD!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata.

Well After  a full week and a bit of being dragged , heels dug in , tears flowwing thru every market and shop in Mexico and Guatemala  , I have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , as a fella there is only so many necklaces , rings and scarfs you can look at before you lose the plot,SO I have Parted ways with my female companions and as of a few hours ago   ..The Mcgazza is flying SOLO in Central America, Thats right folks I have cast myself into the non English speaking abyss with only my 5 word Spanish vocabulary to arm me  , and no female translators there to save the day! It should be interesting , andalso may force me to learn some Spanish.
I am heading to La libertad in El Salvador in the morning to  search of  mint waves , full beers , and fish tacos , I plan to find these things and DESTROY THEM.

Check out a few pics of us walking to the top of a frickin VOLCANO  in Guatemala,it was pretty sweet, we ran around , toasted a few marshmellows over some lava , and I also scoped a few epic lines for me and my trusty bike!it looked sick ...maybe a bit soft (and hot in places) !
Any ways , I have no Camera now But I will do my best to put
some stuff on here over the next few weeks.
      P*** off . I have enough necklaces!

 Excuse Shas hideous tee shirt..  MARZOCCHI FO LIFE!
The Usual.

SKULLCANDY TV Crankworx edit

Check out this Crankworx Edit the good blokes at SKULLCANDY TV put up ..
Cheers fellas