Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wide Open Central trip



Naseby is sweeet

got a bit sloppy at the end!!

threehundredandsixty degree Arial spin ..in alex
I had a siiick roady with my Old school team from WIDE OPEN ...we smashed Alexandra and Nasbey...Caleb smith shot photos in between talking copious amounts of shit .
check out the pics ...Thanks to Wide Open for having me on the team all these years and for a sweeeet trip to centeral Otago

Monday, January 28, 2013

Farm + Coast mission

Myself ,my girl Sam , The one and only Mike Hopkins and Ryan decided a weekend down south was in order .
So we loaded the van and headed to the Frew farm and then onto the coast .
We caught 40 Paua (abalone) and hucked some sweet jumps
Checker out .

Mega Avalanche scout on the remarks

what up Cuzzys!

We went to to the top (well nearly) of the Remarks to scout out the track for Queenstown bike festivals newest event ...a mega avalanche mass start! BOOM!
the CREW!

my Rig of choice . Diamondback Scapegoat with 66's and DH tires ...PERFECT

not such a bad view.
we found a few cool lines down the mountain ...its goona be rough and fast up the top! with epic views! check out a couple pics and also an icredibly shakey vid! it was rough!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trip to the land of DINGOS

Riding Castle cove dirt jumps in Sydney
Yo Bros!

I just got back from Aussie , I went over for the Xup free ride festival slopestyle comp..
I flew from NZ and got in to Sydney ...It was 47 degrees!!! thats right 47 frickin degrees .....it was with out a doubt to hot to ride!  so we went to the beach for the day ..
the next day its was blowwing wind so hard it was really dangerous to ride.
Finally it came right for an hour and I finally got to ride the whole course .
It worked pretty sweeet and i was pumped to ride the comp.
But our mate mr Australian weather wasnt having a bar of it and it proceeded to piss rain for the rest of the weekend .
F**K YOU!!!
so that was it ...I went and shredded Castle cove dirt jumps on monday  which was siiiick and bondi bowl on tuesday ...the rest of the time was spent surfing my butt offf!
hahaha all in all ...good times
Will be back next year to throw it down.
Whip comp ,  X up comp

360 table at Castle cove

Whip comp at Xup Fest

I got to shred the skate Bowl at Bondi beach... so fun and great spot for a park! right on the beach!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nelson jet boat shenanigans

Just been up in my home town of Nelson and went for a fang in my mate DIGGERZ jet boat!