Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whistler Crankworx Slopestyle

Well it been a busy week, riding my bike every day getting ready for the Crankworx slopestyle , I tried to do all the training I could on the course to feel comfortable . I had a set back on thursday when I went for the 55 foot
SRAM gap and came up short , giving my self a shake up and a few stitches , I ended up being the only one to give it a shot.

When the comp rolled around I was feeling pretty good, first had to qualify which worked out ok, Many of the field were taken out by injury and I managed to qualify for the final.

I got more nervous when I had to take my finals run but I got a pretty clean run with a 3 off the 1st drop , a sweet manual on sram feature and a flip off the kokanee final feature.

I was sitting in 7th for my second run but a few guys before me knocked me down a few spots , so i needed to step it up some. My plan was to jump the SRAM gap again , everything was going well until I got to the run in and landed quite far left off the wall ride and I couldnt get the right line for the gap, so I just flagged it and continued my run , which bumped me back up th 9th place my final position.

It would have been cool to launch the big gap but it was super risky and im happy to be healthy and have a top 10 finish at the biggest slopestyle event in the world!

Thanks to everyone for all the support ,my bike was amazing and Im looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 covers ,1 month

This month I have 3 cover shots on the shelves,
Thanks to my good Photographer mates Dan Barham
and Mattias Frederiksson

Im stoked! Cheers boys.


When i was in Washington I stayed At my Gravity team mate Billy lewis's place in Seattle. I got all the bits for my new proto type Tunrner DHR dw link down hill bike sent to Billys place and we set about building it up! We headed down to see the guys at Gravity and they hooked us up with some trick bits, including Limited edition chain guide made mostly from nylon and some sweeet proto type pedals.
I took it with me to Whistler and put the final bits on.
As soon as I got it all together it was straight up Whistler mountain for the maiden voyage ,wooohooo! I am stoked on the way the bike handles in corners and rough sections . I hit all my favorite Jump lines also and the DHR loved it.
I even put it to the test on some Gnarly steep rock slab lines for the Deep summer Photo shoot contest with photographer Dan Barham. look out for some Pix from thats session!

Monday, August 10, 2009


After traveling to Newhampshire and Colorado then washington to pick up bikes Im back in whistler , I got a sweeeet place close to the mountain, and 3 sick bikes , and Crankworx has just could be worse. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Freeride mag cover shot!

Kelly gets his first cover shot in Europe on the cover of Germany's Freeride Magazine -
Photo by Dan Barham.
Haven't seen the mag yet but here is a mini shot of the cover. Yeah Kelly!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crankworx Colorado

Hey guys , I have just come back from Crankworx Colorado... The course was sweet as , Built by John Cowan and my good mate Tommy Hey.
I turned up on wendsday and we had to sit it out for a while till the rain cleared. We got a good day of praccy in on thursday but the weather wasn't cooperating and we had to postpone qualifiers till friday , friday came and so did more rain so it was decided that the qualifiers and the finals would be all on saturday.
I woke up on saturday to clear skies and I was pumped for the event. I spent the whole morning getting my lines down on the course and was happy with my riding, and everthing was dialed on my 5spot. I was 3rd to last on the start list which sucked because i had to wait for nearly an hour till my run .. i dropped in and got thru the first two feaures sweet but I tagged my back wheel on a 360 out of the fruit bowl feature which knocked my score. the rest of my run went to plan and sat me in 8th position . but i knew that the second runs would definitly knock me out of a finals spot.
I planned on a big second run to secure a finals spot. i wanted to flip into the fruit bowl and 360 out which was pretty tech as you had to land the flip perfect and then ram on the anchors for the 360 or you would over shoot the landing by 2 meters.. it was looking all good I landed my flip in ok but it all happened to quick for my 360. I went down hard. I think I over shot .
My 1st run was good for 15th but I was pretty dissapointed with that. looking back I wish I played it a bit safer on my 2nd run but thats the thing with slopestyle...all or nothing!
Im in Denver now but will be returning to Whistler in a few days... yeeeeeah! I'm looking forward to shredding trails on my New DHR!
pics soooon!

Crankworx Colorado 2009

Slopestyle Final Results

1Brandon Semenuk 94.25

2Greg Watts 91.75

3Paul Basagoitia 88.5

4Tyler McCaul 87

5Sam Duek 84.75

6Cam Zink 84.5

7Graham Agassiz 79

8Mike Montgomery 78.25

9Kurtis Sorge 78

10Geoff Gulevich 76.25

11Alex Prochazka 73.5

12Yannic Granieri 72.5

13Eric Lawrenuk 71

14Mitchell Chubey 70.25

15Kelly McGarry 67.75

16Andrew Taylor 67.5

17Brian Miller 54.5

18Eric Porter 53.5

19Jack Fogelquist 50.75

20Colin Westeinde 49.5

21Bendan Howey 47.25

22Jarrett Moore 42.5

23Kyle McDonald 40

24Nick Meyer 35.5

25John Cowan 31.5

26Darren Berrecloth 21.5

27Andreu Lacondeguy 21.25