Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When i was in Washington I stayed At my Gravity team mate Billy lewis's place in Seattle. I got all the bits for my new proto type Tunrner DHR dw link down hill bike sent to Billys place and we set about building it up! We headed down to see the guys at Gravity and they hooked us up with some trick bits, including Limited edition chain guide made mostly from nylon and some sweeet proto type pedals.
I took it with me to Whistler and put the final bits on.
As soon as I got it all together it was straight up Whistler mountain for the maiden voyage ,wooohooo! I am stoked on the way the bike handles in corners and rough sections . I hit all my favorite Jump lines also and the DHR loved it.
I even put it to the test on some Gnarly steep rock slab lines for the Deep summer Photo shoot contest with photographer Dan Barham. look out for some Pix from thats session!

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Brian said...

Need to get you some allen keys. Make sure the 5spot is all buttoned up for Saturday.