Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whistler Crankworx Slopestyle

Well it been a busy week, riding my bike every day getting ready for the Crankworx slopestyle , I tried to do all the training I could on the course to feel comfortable . I had a set back on thursday when I went for the 55 foot
SRAM gap and came up short , giving my self a shake up and a few stitches , I ended up being the only one to give it a shot.

When the comp rolled around I was feeling pretty good, first had to qualify which worked out ok, Many of the field were taken out by injury and I managed to qualify for the final.

I got more nervous when I had to take my finals run but I got a pretty clean run with a 3 off the 1st drop , a sweet manual on sram feature and a flip off the kokanee final feature.

I was sitting in 7th for my second run but a few guys before me knocked me down a few spots , so i needed to step it up some. My plan was to jump the SRAM gap again , everything was going well until I got to the run in and landed quite far left off the wall ride and I couldnt get the right line for the gap, so I just flagged it and continued my run , which bumped me back up th 9th place my final position.

It would have been cool to launch the big gap but it was super risky and im happy to be healthy and have a top 10 finish at the biggest slopestyle event in the world!

Thanks to everyone for all the support ,my bike was amazing and Im looking forward to next year!

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