Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gravity light nylon composite chain guide

well styled components
 The good chaps at WIDE OPEN distributors and GRAVITY just sent me down this Gravity light nylon Composite chain guide . I have been running these beasts for a couple of seasons now and THEY ARE THE GO.
These chain guides work so well  because sometimes things dont go to plan..like coming up short on big ass jump or chain ringing a log or rock
Because they are Nylon they can take a beating and when they take a hit they flex and return to their original shape, and dont jam your sprocket up like some aluminum guides,  but they are rigid enough to keep you pedals spinning on race day no matter what the terrain.
Tough as , Light as, sweet AS

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Corsair Dominion ready to shred

These bikes dont grow on trees!
Well my new bike showed up a couple of days ago , shes a jem.                       
Its a new Corsair Dominion , the same as the one that got stolen by some cheeky bugger at the interbike trade show inVegas.                                                  
The cool thing about these bikes is they come with the option to switch the suspension and tyres and you can run it as a full DH set up,  free ride , or even step it down to a 5inch slopestyle bike  . It has adjustable Chain stays ,Shock mounts and head angle to make the whole system work.
I'm really excited about the concept as I spend alot of time traveling with my bikes annd with this system I can take one less bike on tour and just take extra suspension and tyres and switch it up depending on what event or terrain I am riding. SWEET!   I kitted my new ride out with some trick Marzocchi light weight titanium parts , some sleek Gravity components  , Hope team edition  Brakes , Burly Atomlab wheelset , SDG seat ,ODI grips Sram drive train and Tioga tyres She weighs in at 40pounds   
Look out for some riding pics comming soooooon!
thanks to  my sponsors:                                           Corsair bikes
Gravity components
Unit clothing
Hope Brakes
Wide Open Distributors
Red Bull NZ
Giro Helmets
Adidas eyewear
SDG seats
ODI grips
Skull Candy
Rocco shock with Titanium spring...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

front pagin

Hahahahaha , I ended up on the front page of my Local News paper today!
now all my teachers that ever wondered "what happened to that little brat MCGARRY" can see Im just a big brat now doing skids on my bike !  This photo was taken yesterday when we opened up the new Pump track we built at Auckland point school to the kids   .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Pump track in Nelson

Here is a pump track we whipped up over the last few days , its at Auckland point school in Nelson ,It works great, so get down there and have a shred.
I wish we had pump tracks at school when I was a grommy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yeah Im back in good ol NZ , Ive just been settin myself up again , pulling my old van out of the scrub and getting her going .. shes getting a bit tired these days! haha
I Have been havin a few chill sessions at the jumps I built up here and rippin some DH laps.
December 1st was a good day , I got to shave my filthy STACHE off!


Here are a few mags with my ugly face in em! On the shelves right now Go Buy them!

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