Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freeride Mountainbike World tour Standings

FMB Ranking is looking ok for me at the mo 8th place ..yeeehaaa
lots of gold events coming now so ..ITS ON.


FMB World Tour Overall Ranking, June 28th, 2010 - 54 riders
1 Pilgrim Sam GBR Ashton Dimondback 1588,75
2 Söderström Martin SWE NS Bikes 1312,5
3 Goldman Jamie USA Santa Cruz 1071,8
4 Granieri Yannick FRA Commencal 1010
5 Godziek Szymon POL Dartmoor 999,8
6 Basagoitia Paul USA Kona 980
7 Kabbani Amir GER Mongoose 921,875
8 McGarry Kelly NZL Corsair 868,475
9 Samson Ray GBR DMR Bikes 858,275
10 McCaul Cameron USA Trek 750

26 trix video

http://vimeo.com/12928842 from DSP Media on Vimeo.

Monday, June 28, 2010


26 trix FINAL

So 26 trix final went down yesterday , the morning was windy as hell so no one rode , after lunch the wind died off a bit so we all went up and got some practice ,I wanted to get a few xtra tricks in the bag before my run and I 360'ed the hip before the 11metre  double that you had to hit PINNED  and came in a little slower than usual .... and I thought I would still sneak over ...WRONG haha , I came up short and ATE it so bad. the jumps were so hard and made of Gravel and I got carved up! there would have been bugger all left of me if it wernt for my mint 661 elbow and Knee pads ( cheers Worrals!) After having a breather for 10 minutes and getting my cuts bandaged up and duct taping my jeans back together it was back into it  to get ready for the final.
                          These 661 low profile elbow pads are amazzing! they saved my elbows and                                           I  didn't even know I was wearing them!
There were 15 guys in the final and every one was shredding! My 1st run was MINT , I laid down everything I wanted to nice and clean /smooth So I was stoked to have a good run in the bag. After everyone had done their 1st run I was sitting in 5th , which I was hella stoked on , every one  Really started going nuts in Run 2 , I had a few things up my sleeve for run 2 to up my score , I ended up drifting too far right on a flip table and ran into the rough stuff and lost my speed for the next set  , Dam it !
 I ended up 11th on my saftey run  which I was pretty happy with .  I was the only rider from pre Qual to make the finals so I was stoked on that.
 Cam Macaul took the win with a pretty dialed run , and Brandon 2nd ,Martin Sodrstrom 3rd Congrats Brahs!

It was a sick weekend all up , it was my fave comp so far because it had decent size jumps for a change ( as opposed to some of  the uphill/ soggy dirt/ bullshit setups I have ridden on this trip!) I think 26 trix is real MTB contest , Decent size jumps /down hill/at speed. the course is better to ride on a MTB cause its pretty rough and fast as hell . Its cool to see courses that are better to ride on a MTB than a BMX on some of these smaller courses its like you are sledge hammer to drive a tack!  . Big bikes, big wheels , big jumps.hit it PINNED Thats where its at I rekon! haha

Saturday, June 26, 2010

26 trix

Sup Bru's!
I'm in Leogang at 26 trix  at the mo. its been cool, We had pre qual on thursday and I got 4th there , and made it to yesterdays Qual for the 15 man final where I placed 8th , Hella stoked . i'm off to ride the final in a few hours , its heaps fun to ride the jumps (if its not windy!) they are pretty damn big .. and made of Gravel  and ....concrete...haha

26 Trix

Sunday, June 20, 2010

MTB World Cup Leogang

I had a great weekend watching the world cup DH and 4X in Leogang Austria.
There were 22 riders from New Zealand and i was feeling very patriotic watching the racing!
I was stoked on Sam Blinky Qualifying 1st on saturday on a loose and slippery course. what a shredder.
The 4x  was really cool to watch , every one was giving it their all , after all the elbow bashing, Tbones and wild crashes it was Jared Graves who ended up on top.
More rain over night made Sundays DH race a rutted muddy mess.  Not too bad for the Kiwis as most of em know how to ride in the wet!

Scolesy flying over the finish line
The Hot seat was occupied by Kiwis quite a few times! Gorge Brannigan was 1st in the with a 4:20, My team mate and personal hero Matt Scoles Knocked him out with a 4:16  next in the seat was Cam Cole with a 4:11 I think. Scoles ended up 14, Justin Leov finshed 8th and Cam in 5th and Blinky in 4th.
Shot bros! NZ has some talented Riders!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yo bro's
just here in Leogang at the moment, I have 26trix DJ comp next weekend so I thought  might as well come watch the KIWIS at the world cup this weekend and also ride some of the bike parks in this part of Austria.
Yesterday we went to Wagrain park for a look, pretty cool park designed by the whistler team. we shredded the trails there which were in hella good nick and niiice and tacky.

It was great to be shreddin on my Corsair Crown as I havent had much of a chance to ride big bikes with all the dirt jump comps. The bike handles so well and I am stoked on the  Marzocchi 888  Rc3 evo TI,  it works super well in the rough and I set it up to ramp up nicely for the big hucks! Sha rode my Corsair Konig and was loving it.

Today we hit up Saalbach hinterglemm which is 20mins from leogang, cool park . we are a little early and a few of the lift aren't open yet, but still had a shralp on a few trails and busted out the vid cam for a few clips.
We are gonna hang out here for the next week and ride parks/film /practice on 26trix course (which is feckin massive BTW ! and rock hard made of cheese grater gravel and also some cement!)

 I'm really looking forward to watching the WC this wkd, we will be cheering for the Wide open boys Brook and Matt!. hope to see some Kiwis on the podium!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adidas eyewear factory visit

I was heading to Linz, Austria to ride the Dirtjumps
so I emailed the dudes at Adidas eyewear to see if I could come check out the factory since it is in Linz. David was all for it and Sha and I jumped in on a factory tour with some of the Adidas eyewear ski team. All the Ski crew were cool as and helped translate the german to me since I was the only one who didn't understand..

The Factory was pretty interesting, I was blown away with the precision machines and robotic arms etc. a lot of thought,  technology and quality control goes into making the eyewear which is why it is such and amazing product.

It's great that they have kept all the manufacturing in europe, providing a large amount of jobs for local peeps.
I picked up a couple of new sets of ID2 googles and a pimpin set of Suria glasses while I was there. lookin TRICK!
Cheers to David, Patz and all the crew at ADIDAS eyewear!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Since we got our car jacked we have had plenty to do ! Arranging passports and insurance as well as  traveling and most impotantly RIDING!
i went to Ireland for a couple of  days to try and  find my Great Grandad Harry McGarry , I couldnt find the old bastard but I had a good time trying....
I flew back to Holland and hooked up with Dutch shredder Kevin Katinas and his Bro Dennis and they took me to Hollands best trails , There was a WHOPPA of a jump at the end of the line that was offf the CHIZ! we rode there the whole day and  Dennis shot some mean pics so look out for them floating about!

Next stop is Hungary for the Balaton Bike Festival... and on to 26trix in Austria..yeeeehaaa