Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adidas eyewear factory visit

I was heading to Linz, Austria to ride the Dirtjumps
so I emailed the dudes at Adidas eyewear to see if I could come check out the factory since it is in Linz. David was all for it and Sha and I jumped in on a factory tour with some of the Adidas eyewear ski team. All the Ski crew were cool as and helped translate the german to me since I was the only one who didn't understand..

The Factory was pretty interesting, I was blown away with the precision machines and robotic arms etc. a lot of thought,  technology and quality control goes into making the eyewear which is why it is such and amazing product.

It's great that they have kept all the manufacturing in europe, providing a large amount of jobs for local peeps.
I picked up a couple of new sets of ID2 googles and a pimpin set of Suria glasses while I was there. lookin TRICK!
Cheers to David, Patz and all the crew at ADIDAS eyewear!

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Anonymous said...

thanks to you kelly and good look for your future!