Sunday, June 20, 2010

MTB World Cup Leogang

I had a great weekend watching the world cup DH and 4X in Leogang Austria.
There were 22 riders from New Zealand and i was feeling very patriotic watching the racing!
I was stoked on Sam Blinky Qualifying 1st on saturday on a loose and slippery course. what a shredder.
The 4x  was really cool to watch , every one was giving it their all , after all the elbow bashing, Tbones and wild crashes it was Jared Graves who ended up on top.
More rain over night made Sundays DH race a rutted muddy mess.  Not too bad for the Kiwis as most of em know how to ride in the wet!

Scolesy flying over the finish line
The Hot seat was occupied by Kiwis quite a few times! Gorge Brannigan was 1st in the with a 4:20, My team mate and personal hero Matt Scoles Knocked him out with a 4:16  next in the seat was Cam Cole with a 4:11 I think. Scoles ended up 14, Justin Leov finshed 8th and Cam in 5th and Blinky in 4th.
Shot bros! NZ has some talented Riders!

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