Friday, June 18, 2010


Yo bro's
just here in Leogang at the moment, I have 26trix DJ comp next weekend so I thought  might as well come watch the KIWIS at the world cup this weekend and also ride some of the bike parks in this part of Austria.
Yesterday we went to Wagrain park for a look, pretty cool park designed by the whistler team. we shredded the trails there which were in hella good nick and niiice and tacky.

It was great to be shreddin on my Corsair Crown as I havent had much of a chance to ride big bikes with all the dirt jump comps. The bike handles so well and I am stoked on the  Marzocchi 888  Rc3 evo TI,  it works super well in the rough and I set it up to ramp up nicely for the big hucks! Sha rode my Corsair Konig and was loving it.

Today we hit up Saalbach hinterglemm which is 20mins from leogang, cool park . we are a little early and a few of the lift aren't open yet, but still had a shralp on a few trails and busted out the vid cam for a few clips.
We are gonna hang out here for the next week and ride parks/film /practice on 26trix course (which is feckin massive BTW ! and rock hard made of cheese grater gravel and also some cement!)

 I'm really looking forward to watching the WC this wkd, we will be cheering for the Wide open boys Brook and Matt!. hope to see some Kiwis on the podium!

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