Monday, June 7, 2010


Since we got our car jacked we have had plenty to do ! Arranging passports and insurance as well as  traveling and most impotantly RIDING!
i went to Ireland for a couple of  days to try and  find my Great Grandad Harry McGarry , I couldnt find the old bastard but I had a good time trying....
I flew back to Holland and hooked up with Dutch shredder Kevin Katinas and his Bro Dennis and they took me to Hollands best trails , There was a WHOPPA of a jump at the end of the line that was offf the CHIZ! we rode there the whole day and  Dennis shot some mean pics so look out for them floating about!

Next stop is Hungary for the Balaton Bike Festival... and on to 26trix in Austria..yeeeehaaa

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Anonymous said...

Jow Kelly! Was a great day @ the Berm in the middle! Hope you had a great time on the trails and wanna come back some day!

Greetz Sjors