Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey Amigos
After a big season of bike riding and traveling we decided to head
down to Mexico and Central America to check it out and do some surfing .
We have been here in Mexico for a couple of weeks and have been having a blast
Its different down here , haha I stick out like DOGS BALLS the
average person is about HALF the height of me and people on the Bus's
and trains just stare at me like I am a sheep walking around on stilts, haha pretty entertaining.
We kicked of in Mexico City , I found my mate KEMS from Nelson name on the wall at some random  hostel so I added mine next to it ! Nelson Represent!  We went checked out some wrestling which was a crock. I brought a mask any ways .
I was over the city , so it was on to the coast for some surf . A few shitty bus rides later I was hanging ten in the town of Troncones. sweet waves . I surfed every day for 4 days then smashed it  down to Puerto Escondido, which is where I am now . Wicked place! its just a surf town ! Waves every day cheap food/beer gooood times! I got Mauled by a swarm of
JELLYFISH , I got stung to pieces and 3 days on Im  
still itching ...I wouldn't recommend it.
So yep , I have a couple more days surfing here then we are taking of to some kind of DEAD people festival which should be interesting. Then we will be making our way down   south to Guatemala ,Honduras Nicaragua .
It should be an adventure....will keep ya posted. 


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