Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interbike Las Vegas

I have just spent the last two days at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas , it was all good , I checked out a whole lot of new bike industry GIZMOS and walked around alot and also talked alot! it was pretty fun.
My bike sponsor Corsair bikes were nice enough to kit me out a siiiiiick new bike to ride at the Red Bull Rampage , (see pics) I spent most of my first day at the show drooling on it ,super excited to ride.
The next day when i got to the show , i turned up to the Corsair booth to check out my new whip and it wasnt there. I figured they must have been showwing it to some one , but later in the day we found out it along with a few other bikes at interbike had been stolen!
SO if you see it around get in touch .
And to whoever pinched it F**k you.

Lucky I have my other bike with me , next stop Red Bull Rampage. BRING IT.

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