Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shredding Train laps in BEX, Switzerland

Train chillin
 Had the best day shredding and the boys went to a place called Bex close to the border of France.

It was pretty sick , we just brought a train pass  and for the day and rode up on the train and shreddin down on the bikes AAAAALLLLLL DAAAAAYYY!! hahah epic. the trails were sweet covered in leaves and pretty F**kin steep in places ... it was alittle slippery and we rode some crazzey schutes that you couldnt control your speed on  a bit loooooose on a few occasions ..but that made it even more fun!
check out a little of my Gopro footy below
will be back at this spot FO SHO!!

takin up some real estate in the train!

Cold beer tasted pretty goooood after a full day of rippin er up!

lunch time coffee session!

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