Monday, March 22, 2010

fire pit Dirt jam

Hey guys

Just got back to Nelson after a massive roady in my sh%tty van! I can beleive I actully made it ! It burned 6 litres of oil in 3 days driving! it is pretty toasted.

I made it back just in time to shoot some pics at the Firepit jumps the night before the jam. Unfortunatly I slammed really hard and smashed my elbow on the ground causing it to swell up like a large breast on my arm.

So I couldnt ride in the jam which I was really bummed about! the good thing is its not broken and I am skoffing back loads of anti inflamitorys to stop the swelling.

The jam went down on sunday and every one had a good time, it was alittle windy but the GROMMYS were out in force and it was cool to see all the little fellas out there rippin on two wheels.

I ended up judging the jam and a few of the local dudes got hooked up with some prizes which was cool.

The local BMX crew were shredding which was cool to see!

we are planning on doing another jam next summer that will be bigger and better so get out there and practice!

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