Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Las Vegas

Las Vegas - INTERBIKE September 2008

Just winding down from Interbike and Las Vegas mayhem and preparing to head to Utah for Red Bull Rampage - www.redbullrampage.com
Interbike was cool, a giant bike industry expo which literally took the whole 3 days to get around. it was Cool to check out all the 2009 gears and catch up with everyone.

Saturday we headed to Anthem Skate Park for the Sin City Jam, it was very hot but we all sessioned the park and it was good times!

-Kelly McGarry

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trubmx said...

good luck with the rampage ! smelly man !! get those red bulls down ya , they give ya wings i heard haha nah bro I hope ya show the rest of the world us Kiwi's can fly !!! Kick some cranky yanky ass man !!