Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nz summer done!

The clocks are turned back and the cold is coming in as my New Zealand summer draws to a close. It's been another kickass summer down here: massive amounts of riding and roasting the Barbie, a few comps, some fiming and plenty of photo shoots. I also hit the opening of the Queenstown gondola, which is ramping New Zealand up to be a pretty damn sweet northern hemisphere off-season MTB destination.
The NZ season started a bit pear-shaped for me when I broke my collarbone early on a big ol' jump, but I was pretty lucky with the timing and only JUST healed in time for NZ's biggest two-wheeled action-sports event, the Unit Farm Jam, where I placed third . I was pretty stoked on that since my collarbone was still kinda gooey haha! Check the vid here
Some French guys came over to film with me and we made a web edit, which was a lot of fun. You can check out some of my Emmy Award-winning acting in a clip titled Sweet As Bro.
I lived in Queenstown for two months. As usual it was awesome and I will be heading back next summer, but right now I'm back in my hometown of Nelson and in the process of packing all my gear and bikes ready to head to the Northern Hemisphere for another season of riding and mayhem.

First stop will be Sea Otter, followed by a filming trip to Southern Utah with my new frame sponsor team Diamondback. From there I head to Whistler to set up base, from where I'll head out to comps and trips for the rest of the season. IT SHOULD BE RADICAL!

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