Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sea Otter

just finished building my bike at the Diamondback booth
hEy Brahs!!
im over Here in the good ol USA now!...Driving in BIG cars , Eating BIG meals , drinking BIG drinks ,seeing quite a few BIG people walkin about but most importantly gettin some BIG air on my bike ! hahaha.
I have just spent the last week at the Sea Otter event which was COOL! it was my first time there and I had a blast , All the northern hem crew were there and it was super coool to kick it with them , I rode in the Rain or shine dirt jump jam which was cool as it  was sunny as ...I built up my new Diamonddback Assault hardtail jump bike and christened it on the jumps. I also built up my DH bike and Dreamliner SS bike so they are ready to roll .
Sea otter had alot going on , events ,movie prems ,paaaartays ,so it wasnt hard to keep yourself busy!! I even snuck in an XC ride in Santa cruz which stoked me up! cool trails fo sheeez..
now Im down in Southern Utah shootin some stuff with the Diamond back team . Its so rad down here! BIG STUFF. more posts to come
Jaymo is a champion! Camp of Champions  airbag setup.

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dmurph said...

Jonny sent me some video footy from UT - lookin' good out there. I'm envious... Those SC trails were mad. I loved 'em.