Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Crew


Yo brahs

I have just spent the `last 5 days in southern Utah with the Diamondback crew which consisted of myself ,Eric porter, Billy Lewis. Kyle Thomas , Team manager Jono K, filmer Kevmo and photog Justin Olsen, all the riders went to Sea otter then we hooked up with Justin and his big ass Chevvy 3500 1 ton duramax 7litre enormous TRUCK with a polaris Ranger 4 wheel drive ATV in tow (what a RIG I LOVE AMURICA!!) and then headed down to Southern Utah to hang out and find some cool stuff to ride. We stayed in a pimpin house not to far away from where the Rampage is held and went out on day missions from there.

The Southern Utah Zone has endless possibilites for freeride MTB , any where you turn you see a massive ridgeline to blast or jagged ravine filled with shoots and possible lines… plenty of mind riding happens when your hangin in southern utah!!

For the first day we just set up in the house , built up all our bikes and went for a ride to scout out some potential spots and get used to the heat!

The next few days we spent getting up before sunrise and hitting spots in the golden light then building more stuff to ride after the sun got to high and returning when the evening light was firing to session our new jumps. It was a pretty awsome way to spend a week ! we got some BANGER photos for the Diamond back catalouge and for some ad shots too.
Blasting around the desert in Justins ATV was super fun, and handy as it had a four up bike rack to drag our asses to the top of the hill for more laps!

We Also hooked up with Pinkbike photog Ian Highlands , Katrina Strand and Brook Baker which was cool , we had a big crew ! and look out for some stuff coming on Pink bike soon!

Big ups to Diamondback for sending us out to the desert to GET RAD!


veiw from our veranda

Jono K and I lost in the desert!

The set UP!

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VAN said...

Just saw some pics from this trip on PinkBike - siiiiiick!!!