Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sup peeps
A sick day was had yesterday , the 1st half was a DH extravagaaanza up at Ben Nevis ....there are some primo tracks up there now! and with some morning rain everything was running SWEEEEET. we just cut laps for most of the day and sent a few hucks .
After I was all DH'ed out it was time to step aboard the MOTO . My mate Matt has a cool moto track and we headed out there for some brrrrarp.
it had been a while since I rode moto but at the end of the session I was feeling it again.
I had a spin on Matts KX 500 and WHOOA that thing hauls ass! it was a handfull and I struggled to keep the front wheel down.
Moto is the SHIZZLE

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