Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Bull Exodus

Red Bull EXODUS has been and gone now , and what an AWSOME event it was ,
Qualifying was on Friday and consisted of a timed run down the Garbanzo DH course, I had a bit of a stack in my QF run but still managed to Qualify 25th which put me in the 3rd row back in the starting grid from the Whistler peak.
On Saturday morning I awoke to pouring rain and I knew the race would be interesting!
I put my thermals and body armour on and headed for the peak with the other 150 or so contestants! When we reached the peak it was pouring rain and flippin cold so I tried to stay dry while they lined every one up.
My position in the grid was pretty good I was in the middle of the road which as I found out later would be a big advantage at the start.
The boys a Red Bull sounded the shot gun and the race was under way! there was a weird silence as we all took off the only thing to be heard was pouring rain and wheels on the gravel.
My middle of the road position was awsome as I watched riders on the out side get pushed into the rock walls and loose rocks I looked around and I was in the top ten , I knew there was a small climb coming so I gathered my breath and hit it pinned and powered up passing a few more people , when we came over the brow I think I was in 7th ,then two riders crashed in front of me and I passed them putting me in 5th, I was sittin pretty coming into the fastest section of the course , whiskey jack where we were reaching speeds of around 80kph, I pinned it and couldnt see much in the rain and mud , when I got to the bottom of the fast section my heart sank as I heard my rear tyre losing air , I was SOOOO pissed! but nothing could be done , I rode the rest of the course on a flat, and headed for a warm shower.
I was bummed , but bad luck cant be helped
I am definitly going to race again next year! Mass start DH races are SICK!!!

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