Monday, June 29, 2009

Norway Days of Thunder...


We sold our van to our friend in Holland and then he gave us a ride to the airport in Germany so we could head to Norway for the Days of Thunder competition.
I instantly liked the place as we strolled through customs without even speaking to any one or showing our passports (and without paying for 3 bikes with Norwegian air). We were picked up by one of the DOT boys and he drove us towards Hafjell Bike Park. We arrived at Tronds house at 2 am and every one was wide awake building signage for the event. At 2am it was still light! , the sun then started to rise at 3am ..haha this was a new experience for me!

Snus fridge at the Supermarket...
The next morning Sha and I built up our bikes and headed up the mountain to check out the Big lines at the top…Whoa there is a 17 meter gap on one of the jumps and I am super excited to hit these things! We also sampled the Hafjell trails and we weren’t disappointed, there are a load of really nice flowy trails up there and the 5spot ate them up. We have a whole week to ride so im sure we will be spending some more time shreddin up the mountain.
Every night since I’ve been here there is a session on the dirt jumps, which normally STARTS at 10pm and finishes at 1 am. a lot more of the riders are turning up today so It will be getting crazey at the DJ’s later this week I’m guessing!

Heading up the Hafjell bike park gondola:
View from the gondola back down the valley - grass roofed houses!:

So the Days of Thunder event is actually starting today so lookout for clips on the web of some MASSIVE jumps and I will put another post on my blog during the week. chur.

Dirt jumps at the bottom of the bike park:

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