Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FISE Experience Mont de Marsan, FRANCE

After much indecision I picked the FISE Experience slopestyle comp in France over the Austrian King of Dirt comp. I like slopestyle comps more than Dirt Jump comps and going to Mont de Marsan for FISE (Festival International Sports Extreme) made for a pretty good round trip of Europe (and I got to go surfing!).

First thing we did in Mont de Marsan was check out the course construction, the set up was right in the centre of this old French town, a slopestyle course as well as skate park.

The course wasn’t ready to ride yet so I decided to go search out the local trails. I rode there with a young French dude Jean, who ended up binning it pretty hard so I had to drive him home where his parents kindly offered us a place to stay for the entire FISE competition … air guitars all round!

Qualifying was on Saturday, I had 2 solid runs that I was really happy with and qualified for Sunday’s final. The Best Trick comp was on Saturday night, I rode in it, stomped some sick barrel rolls but it didn’t come close to the young French dudes double flip and 360 flip from one of the BMX boys.. it was off the chiz-ayne, It was one of the best Best Trick comps I have been at.

On Sunday morning during finals practice I had a rude awakening, ringing my bell 360ing a drop and had to have a sit down for a little while, but when it came to contest time I managed to pull it together and my 2nd run was the money landing me in 5th place which I was really happy with.

After the comp all the riders went to the NHS trails for a cool session. The next morning we drove to Hossegor, a reknowned surfing beach on the coast and was lucky to find some glassy waves, me and Yannick and his buddies hired some boards and headed out into the surf. The good surf capped off a great weekend.

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