Tuesday, June 9, 2009


After we had seen the sights in Barcelona we headed to the tax-haven of Europe – Andorra for some hot deals and good riding.
It is a small country with only a few towns, the whole country is in the Pyrenees mountain range with the towns tucked in the valleys.

The first riding spot was Vallnord where only 2 weeks earlier a WC race had been held, we were too late for that and too early for the bike park lifts but still did some sweet shuttling runs taking turns down ‘Old School’, ‘Maxiavalanche’ and ‘Route 66’ on the lower part of the mountain.
We called in for a quick beer at Cedric Gracia’s bar and met some locals.

The next day we drove up another big mountain above Julia de Loria to Naturlandia which is an outdoor eco theme park, part of it was a bike park with wooden features, dirt jumps a few forest trails and a foam pit in the making. We hung out with the crew building the park, one of who Kelly had met in Whistler a few years back! Then we headed back into Spain.

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