Thursday, June 25, 2009


My good mate Paul Smail (Pangus’s van mate who stayed with me in NZ and Canada) had been pestering me while I have been in Europe to come to Scotland and stay at the “chez smail” ,his house in Edinburgh . I was gutted because it just wasn’t really in the McGazza budget…..but then after I won some cash at the Scott on air competition it was now more feasible go to go to Scotland on an airplane.

So I packed up my trailking in a bag and headed to Edinburgh..paul picked me up from the air port and we headed back the the chez smail to fulfill my life goal of eating HAGGIS. I had heard a lot of stories about haggis , someone told me a haggis was a small furry animal that could only be found in the Scottish highlands , but we diddn’t seem to have any trouble finding it at the local supermarket. The haggis actually looked a lot more appetising than my preconceived conception of a huge cauldron full off severed stomach pieces floating in their own juices.
We cooked the haggis with the classic sides if “nips & tatees” (turnips and potatos) and I wasn’t disappointed.
With my life goal achieved it was on to riding bikes , we Hit a few of the trail centres close to Edinburgh ,Glenteress and inner lithem , there was a cool network of trails and we spent a couple of days shreddin them . we also hit our mate Stu’s (MTBCUT.COM Scottish dude who has also visited NZ) dirt jumps in Sterling , we had a good session until paul ate it hard and wasn’t feeling to flash , we headed to Edinburgh hospital to discover he had broken both his arms…SH####T .. since Paul couldn’t bend his arms we had to feed him with spoons and straws for the rest of the weekend which proved to be interesting…get well soon paul!

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