Sunday, November 29, 2009

NZ Summer!!

Hey Guys,
I have just finished jamming 3 bikes into 2 bags along with all my other stuff and about to leave snowy Whistler and head to sunny New Zealand! Let's hope Air New Zealand aren't too harsh on the luggage allowance.

It's been all good hangin in Whistler for autumn, I even claimed some powder and made some cash to pay my credit card off.

I am really looking forward to all the cool events and riding in NZ - the Frew Farm Jam, Stoney Hills Trail Jam, Gorge Road Jams, and probably a couple of rounds of the NZ National DH races.

My first project when I walk off the plane is to build some dirt jumps in my hometown of Nelson.. it's all ready to go, just heard that 20 truckloads of clay have been dumped at the site and they are awaiting my shovel!

Thanks to all my northern hemi crew for the help this season, see you all next year!
Cheers, Kelly McGarry

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