Wednesday, May 26, 2010

good times and bad!

Well we are just on the way to Paris from Toulouse after the Slopestyle champions league competition. The comp was cool , it was set in this “freeride compound” with mad stunts and jumps and even a set of poppy BMX trails in the trees next to the course. Pretty rad spot to take your bike. the course was pretty sweet with a stepup stup down into a monster 8 meter 1st jump and 2 more jumps ,also a sketchy pedal all the way to the top and jump Boner log . haha i.

We kicked off the weekend with a dirt jump jam on the dirt jump line , it was a bit windy so it was pretty chill, then it was on to the SS course to test it out. Everything worked pretty well except the boner log. Oh and the 1st guy to hit the 8 meter 1st jump sent it to flat on his face! Owch . turns out you needed to brake a little!! We had quail runs and I had clean runs so it was all good
On Sunday it was finals time and the sun was shining and there was jack all wind ..air guitars all round! All the riders sessioned the bmx trails while it was bloody hot which was sweet . after that it was finals time on the slopestyle course every one was gettin pretty Gnar .one gut double fipped tyhe 1st jump which was so crazey as the landing was ROCK. My run was solid except for I hung up on the last jump GRRRRRR! . I cant find the results to the comp yet so i will keep looking
The weekend turned for the worst when our car got broken into and my passport/wallet/phone /GPS/clothes/ vid camera/laptop etc ect got stolen! I was super bummed but I was glad they didn’t steal my bikes! We had to head to Paris to get me a Emergency Passport. Which is where i am right now!

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