Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi guys
I'm in France at the moment , I went to the FISE comp last weekend in Montpellier , we showed up on thursday and the course looked pretty sweet , basically the same as last year with a few bit s and peices changed up. generally pretty sweet . Over 60 pro riders registered for the comp so it was sure to be tough .  
I practised up thurs/fri and had everything on course dailed so I was happy .
We woke up on saturday morning and it was BLOWWING its ass off , gutted as the wind was coming accross the course at 90 degrees making the bridge drop super sketchy .  No one was keen to ride so after a lot of pissing about they decided to run Qual and finals on sunday . Qual at 9am.

On sunday I dragged my ass out of bed early to go ride my bike off a bridge . when I showed up the wind was pretty chill , we practised for an hour and then started the Quali runs , (9am) about 10 riders did their runs , I had 3 riders left until my run then the wind just started ! really strong , and the rest of the riders just walked off and said it was to dangerous to ride. I didn't know what to do so I just took my run in between gusts and had a clean run.  It didn't count for anything tho , the comp got called off untill 1pm , and the course was butchered to make it safe ( 1st bridge drop cut out / road gap kicker made to flat drop)

Every one was OVER IT!  I normally try to stay positive but I was pretty over it too. 
I was trying to practice in the wind and ended up getting blowin off course and I landed in a hole they dug the landing out of! I got so smashed. I thought the weekend was over for me . a few painkillers later I was back on the bike.   I made the final and rode the comp , I was pretty dam sore but Im stoked I rode ,

All up FISE wasnt as good as last year but that was only due to the weather.
Now I am hangin in Antibes and doing some riding on this MEGA Ramp setup which is pretty cool it has a Massive vert quater at the end and Its hella fun!
Im off to ride it now and shoot some pics

here's a write up on Pinkbike from FISE:

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