Sunday, May 23, 2010

riding in France!

hey bros
have had a premium week of shreddin. I stayed in Antibes at my couzins place for a few days, and rode this "mega ramp" set up down the road, they just finished building it when we got there and we (me and Yannick granieri) had to guinea pig the ramp. it was set at about 10 metres and it sucked as there was not enough speed from the roll in to make the distance . the vert quarter was so sick tho! I session that thing hard..
Then we had to head out to a comp in toulouse, the best thig about it was Peynier trails were on the way. They are some of the best jumps I have ridden . massive 8 and 9 metre gaps and they all work SO well . we had a sick session there until we had to drive to toulouse, which is where I am NOW for Slopestyle Champions League!
goooooood times
more stuff commin sooooon

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