Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sick weekend

Well the coast to coast jam is all done and it was a fun as hell event , we got up at Chrises farm in huntly and loaded up the mighty van and High tailed to Raglan to ride the first stop of the coast to coast tour . We turned up at lewis’s place to find the jumps were wet and every one was at the Raglan bowl so we headed there and busted some airs which was sick its like concrete trails there! It flows really nice.
We went back and had a quick sesh on the the dirtjumps but they were pretty wet so we headed to the Beverland compound to get our huck on.
Chrises jumps are situated in huntly and flow down one of the rolling hills on Chrises farm. They have a sweet wall ride midway and we had some massive floodlights and the REDBULL HUMMMER with crakin sounds to keep the session crankin into the night.
A bit of wind stopped the session from starting but it died off and we got down to bizo.
There were Grommys shredding all over the shop ,mega boost, mega steez and mega transfers was getting thrown down on a regular basis.
But again it was Paul Lang banger getting LOOOOSE , tricks on every set and slayin the final jump with flip turn downs , three turndowns and even going for a couple of flip whips . which was dam ballsy as the landing was rock hard..
I loved riding the line and jumping at night with a whole bunch of rad peeps stoked me the hell out . I kept it pretty chill with a few 3’s, flips and no cans etc and just had fun ridin .
We woke in the morn to Rain , the team headed to Caseys jumps about an hour away , we got word that they were wet so we missioned with the Red Bull crew over to Paul langlands backyard jumps. It was super windy there but we had a quick session anyways and then rocked to the old school Crankin park in Ngarawahia I cruised in the Red Bull Hummer and it was epic ! haha I got to get me one of those weapons! We only just fitted out the gate of Pauls and the was an massive amount of stereo equipment between the passenger and driver. People just stared at us as we rumbled past .haha !
Crankin park was cool we pedaled are ass’s off and hit some fun pretty mellow booters And did big ol whips.
It was getting late so we piled in the Hummer and smashed it back to Auckland . We had a tour of the Red Bull head quarters in Ak which was primo , what a RAD company Red Bull is, any thing that is kickin ass they are behind it seems!
That was the end of a sick weekend! Thanks to all involved ,Chris B and family for having us to stay and ride ,UNIT clothes for Hookin up some mean threads for the Jam , Justin from Red Bull for cartin me around in the hummer Timmy , Mavis ,Diggler and crew for getting RAD . CHEERS! p.s sorry for the lack of pics ! we were to busy riding!

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